The real me... | Reviewer: BEST | 11/25/12

Gush! I love this song like crazy,i kip on smiling wheneva i listen to this song nd it makes people around me get interested in knowing watz puting such a smile on my face nd wen i gve dis song to dem to listen to,they end-up teling me to send it to their fones. This song brings out d real person in me,i'm very emotional inside of me but try to act hard but yet dis song kips defining my person. Love U mariah...

Relationships | Reviewer: Kaneko | 11/18/09

I hear you, Jelly Bean. This song is also based on my relationship that I have as well. When my boyfriend and I were together the first time for 2 months, something awful (caused by my ex before) caused us to break up so I had to let him go because I hurt him so much to the point where our relationship was severely damaged. After several years, he came back in my life and we were friends and that brought us back together. We've been together ever since, and he had forgiven me for what I had done and he knows that I will be the best I can be. We also love each other a lot more than we did before. This song will always have a special place in my heart. Mariah is an awesome singer! <3

mahal... you are my butterfly... i will always be here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/09

my husband and i have been together for 10 years... and lately he discovered he is in love with his former high school friend and now they are having a long distance emotional affair... i love him so dearly... when i heard this song it reminded myself to just let him go... this is a beautiful song that has opened my heart so i decided to let him be... if we really are meant to be he'll come back to me... only GOD knows... he is my butterfly... spread your wings and fly butterfly... i will always be here....

Butterfly | Reviewer: Nina S. | 6/15/09

I know people usually refer this song to a relationship, but hearing this song makes me think of my beautiful daughter. She's only 8 months and I know one day I have to let her go like in this song, like a butterfly. This is why I love this song so much. Me and my daughter dance around the house to this song and I dedicated it to her. Thank you Mariah Carey.

my only thunder... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/09

i love mariah carey so much, love her music, its really comin' from within.. i know this song a long time ago, and now that i am truly depressed because of a failed relationship, my crippled mind is somehow enlightened...

yeah it is true, he'l never be mine until he feels how to be free... if he doesnt come back, well, i guez we truly aren't meant to be...

The Perfect Lyrics for Couples | Reviewer: ~*%$Mrs.Ross~%*$ | 1/11/08

I really like this song.Mariah you have made me and my boyfried get closer in our relatioship. Thank you for your beautiful song. I will keep supporting you and loving you!!

Wedding Song | Reviewer: Amberly | 12/26/07

I recently got married this summer. the theme of the wedding was butterflies. i went looking for a song to walk down the aisle to. this song was so romantic and it fit perfectly for a wedding. it was the right speed and tempo and the words are beautiful.
Thank You Mariah Carey

addicted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

hi my name is laura;
I just downloaded this song recently by mistake. first time i heard it. but now i am completelty addicted to it. its in my Mp3 like 10 times. anyway, i just think the lyrics are amazing. the way the butterfly is really a metaphor of a person and i think alot of people can relate to the lyrics.
love her voice; may be i shall meet her one day and she could giv me tips.

Her biggest fan in the world | Reviewer: Dianna | 12/11/07

This song is so beautiful just like her. I can write so much to say how much i adore Mariah and how much i wish i was friends with her and like slept in her butterfly room. her butterfly room is like my dream room..and if i could wish for one last thing before i die, it would be to see my family and Mariah Carey to sing through the rain because thats my favourite song..written by my favourite singer...and nothing can beat her...she is what you call a singing ledgend and i hope that i get to meet herr face to face one day..

LOVE U MARIAHH ...u rockk

Dianna aka your biggest fan

=] | Reviewer: Jelly Bean | 12/7/07

I Love this song,
It kind of reminds me of the relationship I'm in now,

cause me and him broke up twice in the past,
and got back together,

&were still together and in a month it'll be a year,


Fly... | Reviewer: A. Mondejar | 12/7/07

I started to like this song the moment I first heard of it in mp3 It really is very inspirational. It talks about moving on... and being who we really are when we fall in love.

i am a butteffly ^_^ | Reviewer: allaine | 11/10/07

I really really love this song.. I am a butterfly because like them I am freely flying.. I overcome the fears that I had felt from the past.. And I am so thankful having Mr. a in my life... because he teach me on how to be strong.. And he still teaching me on how to face my life, my problems and all the things that I encounter… I love him so much as much as I love myself now..

My Butterfly... | Reviewer: ^_^ | 11/5/07

This song reminds me of my past, Its really inspirational.. Justlike a butterfly we need to set freely the one we love because we have no reason to love them because they didn't love us anymore.. Let them fly and search themselves and If they'll come back in a right time accept him because he is yours and maybe both of you are made for each other.. If NOT, let him passed he'll just ruin your life and be contented of what you've got in present.. Learn from your past..

Miriah Carey "Butterfly" | Reviewer: Marcia Bradburn | 9/11/07

I just wonder if this song has anthing to do with Miriah being married to an older man. He let her go to pursue her hights. Was this his song to her?

lacey rios | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/07

I love this song its so cool how she talks and compares us t a butterfly to explain how it works its a very good song nice goin MC