Greatest Mariah Carey Fan !!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Yvette Craig | 12/20/2007

I love this song !!!! You are the Best Singer I have ever heard of! I have ALL your CD's including Butterfly on which this song is on.I am your biggest fan ever!!!!!! I even have your NEW perfume,M.Just like you I LOVE Butterflies.I adore the Butterfly symbol that you put on the top of the bottle.Even though I am only a 13 year old and I wasn't even born when you first came out.However,my mom is also your biggest fan and I knew about you from her.Also Mariah,that beautiful octave that you have is Da !!!!!!! You can beat ANY Singer that they have in the 21st century.You Rock!!!!!! Mariah,never stop singing!!!!!!!

Song for a babydoll | Reviewer: GABO | 2/22/2007

This song is very ssexy and I think you must remember how much beautiful is Mariah Carey and how much I remember you. kisses 4 u! BYE