Love This Song!! | Reviewer: Alexi Perez | 10/26/07

This is a great song! It reminds me of how all I can think about on Christmas is my one true love, Juan! And the lyrics are just ausome!!

cant wait to perform! | Reviewer: Miss Jess | 10/22/07

Ill be performing this song at the dinner theater i work at, Im so excited to be singing after one of my favorite artists and one of her best songs =] This song is a greatttt one!

missing wods | Reviewer: lola | 10/9/07

I love the song i cant stop lustening to, although it is missing a couple of words like baby here and there and all.

goood stuff | Reviewer: tashanger | 4/29/07

the lyrics were very good , well they are suposed to be good and right arent they . (yes). so they were right except for... the endidng about say the last line 7 tymes. wrong it was five , or 6 . well i dont have tyme to count thats what u do dont you. yep so fix it you fat hobos , bastards . fix it now. i mean it or ill write lots of letters for complaint . urs sincerley....
your worst night mare.ha ha ha . sorry im a bit crazy . haa ha haaa . ok thats it . ha. i have to stop with the haaas dont u think. well . im watching u ...lot.

a brilliant song | Reviewer: shannon simpson | 4/19/07

i love this song it touches me so much and this song makes you think about something in your life it's just so moving.