Marvellous piece of work | Reviewer: Eleanor | 7/9/07

This song is just the best of the best.I feel happy when listening to it.I luv it.

Lovee This Song =] xx | Reviewer: steff | 6/19/07

I loveee this song!! For some reason it reminds me of my old best friend which makes me cry ..</3 But stil lovee the song! Mariah Carey has got such a greatt voice aswell. =] xxx

Great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

Fabulosa cancion , bien por WESTLIFE and MARIAH!!
Great song, good job Westlife and Mariah!!

Nice lyrics | Reviewer: c_boo | 6/1/07

Hey, boys and girls, you don't have to fight to decide if Phil or Maria's one is the best... just listen to the sweet reprise by The Postal Service. ;)

Against all oddss | Reviewer: Clovis | 6/3/07

I think Maria Carey has sung it in a, not only beautiful but haormonious voice and I really enjoy listening this.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: sylvia quezada | 5/28/07

Since many years ago it is one of my favorites songs, Phil Collins did an excellent job and Mariah to so both versions are just beautiful.

Whey! | Reviewer: Hollie Harris | 5/10/07

I Agree The Original Is Pretty Good Stuff... But Mariah Does A Wonderful Job On This Cover Version! She Has Always Given Me Goosebumps With Her Singing. Maybe Phil And Mariah Should Duet It Together! Idea.. Wheeeey.. I Should Be The Famous One :L

Against All Odds (Phil Collins OWNS Mariah Carey) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

Phil Collin's version, the original, is the best. Mariah Carey is horrible at singing it. I typed in "Against All Odds lyrics" and I got Mariah Carey instead of the one and only Phil Collins!

This song rocks, when Phil Collins is singing. It's very inspirational, sweet and just great to listen to.

against all odds | Reviewer: caye | 4/27/07

I think that Mariah Carey singing this song too better than

Great Song | Reviewer: Claire | 4/14/07

you know how music supposedly gets you through hard times?

if thats true then this is deffinately the song for me! i recently went on a "break" with my boyfriend and this explains it perfectly!

i love it!! xx

phil or mariah: does it have to one or the other? | Reviewer: dj | 3/19/07

hey, this is originally phil's song and i think its a beautiful song. phil sung it like a poet and mariah sang it like a melody...... i loved both versions and i think mariah's done a wonderful job on this song.

against all odds | Reviewer: Camille | 3/7/07

I don't think that Phil Collins sang it better because Mariah Carey has a beautiful voice. this song has no errors which is good. Good Job!!

Mariah or Phil? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/07

Note the original song was sung by Phil Collins and is much better

against all odds | Reviewer: liz | 10/24/05

not bad....think that got something to do with the fact westlifed sanh on it aswell! not her best song, has to be said!