concerts for marc anthony 2007 | Reviewer: Marguerite Aromando | 7/27/07

please let me know if Marc Anthony will be in concert in the Jersey New York Area in the coming months, thanks

i love you | Reviewer: AMANY | 7/26/07

hey i'm amany from egypt and i love all your songs because you feel it espacially my baby you & i want 2 spend my life time loving you
wishing you good luck in ur life we all love u

paul simon'a songs | Reviewer: marie | 7/12/07

I never even knew who marc anthony was until i saw him on the paul simon special recently.
I have replayed the two songs he sang so many times it is a wonder that i can still see the image on the screen
bravo! I'm 60 and i'm a fan

About the artist | Reviewer: Supergirl | 7/3/07

Marc Anthony sings really well. ilove "No one" so much and a host of others. I want to know, is he still married to Jennifer Lopez?

I loved Trevor Clay | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/8/07

He is so cut and adorable i want to have sex with him

I Just Can't Get Enough of Marc Anthony | Reviewer: Sara R Hochstein | 2/12/07

Marc Anthony makes me feel as if I have fallen in love for the very first time! I can feel the love and emotions in his voice. His words cut right through my heart. He truely is an invisible torching flame of passion when he sings.

next album | Reviewer: mohame isam | 12/12/05

i want to know when is the marc anthony's next english version album iam desperately waiting for it.