Songs are just songs | Reviewer: odin 2000 | 11/29/12

Despite the things I wrote about the possible Nazi meaning or symbolism, Manowar do not necessarily be of the extreme right-wing side. I'm not sure if they know a lot about history, but the Nazi ideology, targets and deeds are very well known so that I think they know enough about that to write that song. And it is not a big effort to inform yourself before writing.

BUT- it is just a song! I don't know why people are so afraid of art when it leaves the political or ethical mainstream.
It's just art and not reality. As the famous French Chanson singer Michel Sardou said: "Ce ne sont que des chansons" - they are only songs!

The famous writer Oscar Wilde wrote in the preface of his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" that vice and virtue are the material of the artist and that there would be only books which are well or badly written, not moral or immoral ones. And this, I mean, is the essence of the artist's liberty.

And the song is a good one, even a very good one! So listen to it, interpret it as you want and nothing else!

Glorydays? | Reviewer: Swede | 11/18/12

First, Sweden were never invaded by nazi-Germany, they only used the railroads to get to Norway.

Second, the line "back to the glory of Germany" could have multiple meanings, but why put it "BACK to the glory"? That indicates that they mean a glory they ones had, like their "glorydays", but lost. So....when were Germany as strongest and had most landgain in history? Quite obvious to me....

There could be a nazi meaning in this song although | Reviewer: odin 2000 | 9/30/12

The sign of the hammer's our guide- Whoever has seen the album cover of The Sign of The Hammer, should admit that the colours- red, white and black- and their use are the same way as on the German swastika flag. Together with "Hail (to England)" it goes into a certain Nazi way because of the similarity with "Sieg Heil". England has been designated as Germany's "brother people" by the Nazis.

"On a crusade the world we bring" the (second) world war?

The list of the countries which should be united:
"Our ARMIES in England... could refer to a conquest of those countries by the German army, not necessarily to the fans there...

"Our BROTHERS in Belgium, Holland and France"
could mean the collaborationists with the Nazis in those countries invaded by the German Wehrmacht.

"Denmark, Sweden, Norway"- countries invaded by Germany
"Finland and Italy" two nations which were allied with Germany in the Second World War- why are they named together one after the other? (Italy has nothing to do with Scandinavia)

"Austria back to the glory of Germany" Everyone knows that Hitler reunited Germany and Austria.

These countries are just those Germany invaded wanted to invade or was allied with in the Second world war.

The only two countries which do not fit directly are Switzerland and Ireland, but this could be used to mask the real meaning or it is a suggestion what countrise still could miss in this united Europe.

And there is a mainly Germanic (Aryan?) population in all those countries...

"Death to the false ones" an intention of killing all people who are not the "real ones" - could refer to the Holocaust and so on...

On our MARCH FOR REVENGE- the revenge idea of the German nationalists because of the Treaty of Versailles?

Six magic circles are made by the BLOOD OF THE KINGS

The idea of Sauron in Lord of the Rings. This book has been inspired by the First World War when the ambition of Germany was to take over the hegemony in Europe, the same way as Hitler 20 years after.

Conclusion: the song seems to be influenced and inspired by the German ambitions and deeds during the Nazi period.

This should not mean that Manowar are Nazis, but it seems that they are flirting with those ideas like other bands flirt with Satansim and so on.

I do wonder | Reviewer: D. | 9/7/12

I do wonder about the meaning the band intended to give the song. I'm sure I'm missing something because if we're litteral, equating Switzerland and Austria with Germany (unless they were going for Germania, which would be correct I suppose) is like saying Canada and the US are the same - or, since they're British, that Ireland and Great-Britain are the same. I'm sure there's a reason they sang it this way... if anybody has more info, I'm taking.

no truth, but makes for a good song | Reviewer: Andy | 6/26/10

Keep in mind that Manowar isn't a band of 4 history buffs...more of dreamers with an awesome voice. They play good metal and put on a good show, but in terms of history, they're probably about as correct as "Conan the Barbarian". In an interview, Tom Araya of Slayer once mentioned, "God doesn't hate, but it makes for a good album title." Similarly, Manowar's not so much about true history, but it does make for a good story, or in their case, makes for rockin' songs.

Vikings | Reviewer: Anon | 2/15/10

Always right is very right.
Some other info:
While vikings did pillage they where also more aware of hygiene than the English thus making them more attractive to English women, sorry but thats true. And they also conquered parts of Russia, Spain and some even went to live in northern Africa and around the dead sea.
Also when they arrived in America (not there to plunder but to discover) they left again because the natives where too hostile. They named America Wineland btw.
Germany also had a lot of glory when it was called The Holy Roman Empire, but the line refers to their fanbase.

Vikings and Nazis | Reviewer: Always Right | 4/3/09

Several people taking garbage:

1) The Vikings were NOT destroyed by the Byzantines. The Byzantine lands were mainly in the Near East - VERY far away from the Viking lands in northern Europe;
2) The Vikings conquered A LOT of land, including northern and eastern England which they ruled as the Danelaw for centuries. Also, ever heard of the Normans? They were of Viking descent;
3) No glory in Nazi Germany? Pah! You don't know Jack!

Blood of the Kings | Reviewer: Birdcage | 3/29/09

The line "Glory of Germany isn't about Nazi's - Manowar do most of their concerts in Germany, and Germany is where the biggest group of their fans come from.

Likewise, England is first on the list because they formed in England [Hail to England!]

theman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

i wonder what that line about germany is supposed to mean?!? what do they mean with "the glory of germany"? i hope they are not talking about the nazi germany, because there was no glory at all in that!

....... | Reviewer: ..... | 10/12/07

Dude, the vikings didnt conquor anyone... they pillaged and salvaged and raided lands...

just because you kill a lot of peopel doesn't mean you conquored their land. they didn't even want the land, they jus wanted wealth and women..

but then again...

who doesn't?

lol | Reviewer: Grim Reaper | 7/23/07

the "mighty" vikings conquered all these nations,but manowar didnt include the byzantine empire that destroyed them.i wonder why...