Really Nice. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/12

Whatever some ppl think about the glory-chanting-lyrics, the song is awesome, and a good song requiers weighty lyrics. And I'd like to see any heavier lyrics ^^. It is a embodiment of heavy metal.

Oh my | Reviewer: Aelonius | 1/9/10

Why are people incapable of writing proper English.
A sentence starts with a capital character, and ends with a dot. After that, DONT put a capital character on each freaking word.

Other than that, love the song.

Manowar WoW | Reviewer: Miandurtza of Ravenholdt | 11/14/08

This is the Ultimate song (Manowar's Hand of Doom) with which to charge into a battle ground against those Ally-Rats whilst blasting them to the Grave.


Little know factoid: Hand of Doom was the actual battle-song/cant for the warriors famed in 300 and is also the song sung by modern soliders as they charge forth against the Enemies of METAL... - Anon.


Awesome | Reviewer: Sorvahr | 4/9/07

this song is great. i could imagine this song was sung by the 300 soldiers of Sparta when they stood in front of the billions of enemys ^^