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Performed by Mandy Moore

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Moore vs. Simpson | Reviewer: amanda | 12/29/08

Melinda, everyone has their opinion but I think this song was better coming from Moore instead of Simpson. Simpson does have an amazing voice as well but hate is a very strong word.. try 'disliked' next time. Anywho, I love when artist these days remix an old tune, it brings back good and sometimes bad memories but its music and I believe that music can reach everyone, whether its rock, country, rap etc. Either way it still inspires us, changes us. I hope I hear more old tunes replayed.. it comforts us to know that the past wont ever be forgotten.

Nice one. | Reviewer: Dana | 3/13/08

Eekz. I can't believe somebody would want Jessica Simpson to sing it. But oh well. I really think that Mandy Moore has done a good job at it. And as Rebekah said, the first half is good but the second is a bit too much. But overall, it's good!

Its worth the listening... | Reviewer: Nadine | 11/7/07

I think the rythym and lyrics complement each other. U need someone;s faith no matter what and its not something u do in a hurry and harshly.. THIS IS A GOOD SONG. I just love it.

Nice rendition | Reviewer: Rebekah | 6/1/07

It's a good rendition of the classic. It's contemporary and fresh. The second half does get a little weird and is a bit much, but the first half is pretty good. Mandy shows that she does have a better voice than people often give her credit for.

awesome | Reviewer: heather | 4/15/07

i love this song its so awesome!! i cant stop listening 2 it i love the tempo and every thing!!!!!!!


N/A | Reviewer: Melina | 3/31/07

I hated the lyrics & the way she sung the song. Would've been better if someone like Jessica Simpson sang it.

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/05

A pretty good song, with a nice tempo! Not to large of a difference in pitch or tone!

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