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Allah guides You Bro. | Reviewer: Kholaa | 3/21/14

Manshallah. I love the way ur music make people move. Its like up & a about. I love your nasheeds & I did played them for my wedding. I couldn't have a better wedding without your nasheeds.

very intersting | Reviewer: zekaria | 1/29/14

Assalamu aleykum
my dear bro maher i love ur songs also ur way of doing so what am i commenting is if u just avoid the classic or the Guitar that would be great.
thank u.wish u all the best.

forgive me | Reviewer: waseefah hendricks | 12/30/13

Assalaamu Alaykum Warakhmat Tullah.
Maher Zain, Algamdulilaah Allah T.A has granted us as human beings reminders like You and the rest of our talented islamic artists. Well sure there are many people saying its haraam yes music is haraam but still the songs you deliver over and the messages you bring across make us realize thaat what you are saying is the truth. I always think to myself that there's a reason for everything well my thought about you is that Maybe Allah(swt) put you on this doenya for a very special purpose is thatyou could be a reminder cos walahie you are.
I really admire you and not idolise you like many others would say. The 15th December 2013 was one of my happiest moments ever. I was seated very far from where you were but just listening to what you were singing brought me to tears knowing that I'm faulted, I'm flawed and yet you also reminded us that allah will forgive us and won't turn him against us !!

Shukran Jazeelan. May Allah grant you a very good place in jannah ameen and protect you,myself and the whole of the umma against the shaytaan inshallah Ameen.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Zainab | 12/21/13

Assalaam Alaykum Warahmatuhllah Wabarakaatuh
Just wanted to say your music is really inspiring the way you connect with people and the way you believe toward your religion. And I hope allah is always there to guide you

Ps. Keep inspiring your audience with music that connect to them truly!

Music is uh rum | Reviewer: Fatimah | 11/27/13

Dear my brother in Islam maher zain
If you don't know,music is harrumph in different ways. What you're doing is okay,but why don't most of your female actors wear a hijab and a suitable/modest

Ps:why is their a triangle in the awaking records thing before the song.what does it represent.

maher zain | Reviewer: mohamed | 11/21/13

please maher zain I want you to understand thet music is completely haram. you said the you do this to please others and now I am asking you, is Allah pleased with what you are doing. to me, I think no, because all of your songs have to have people with no hijabs on. and, you shaved your beard. And you use music. you also have to pray every single prayer in the mosque even if you are busy because you are a man. please replace music with quran. I know your shocked because no one has ever said something like this to you but this is a benefit. it is a great chance.So please my brother, stop doing these things remember music is you passion since born but it will not help you later on in hereafter my message is what will help you if Allah guides you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MY DEAR BROTHER MAHER ZAIN listen to me. may allah guide you in all ways

Fat'hallahu ilayka my brother! | Reviewer: Zahran K. Omary | 11/10/13

Assalaam Alaykum Warahmatuhllah Wabarakaatuh! I have nothing to say except saying I am happy and wish you all the best in everything you do, my brother I came to know your music through my brother in Islam Bro. Khalfan who is the fond of your most, when I was in Singapore I had bought a cd by Raihan which came to be stolen when I reached home, very unfortunately we do not have a Islamic music in our Music Stores here in Tanzania. Since I am looking to travel to Singapore soon I hope I can get some at Arab Street, Sim Lim Tower or People's Park Complex. I just don't know what I should say to justify my saying but Allah Shahid that your music is so touching, full of inspiration and hope this music will always live on, fat'hallahu ilayka my brother!

simu Bangladesh | Reviewer: Simu Bangladesh | 10/2/13

Assalamu alaikum Maher Zain. today i first hear your song "insha Allah".its really so make me tearful.i think everybody likes your song.May Allah Bless u.Thanks a lot.

almost all song | Reviewer: Reihana Razick(hana Raz) | 9/21/13

hi Maher zain.i really love you.i alwayz search information on you.i cant wait just without thinking about you.i really love your song.i hope this is your da'wa.i too like to join your da'wa.can i if you dont mind.insha allah i will.may allah bless you and your family with rahmath and barakath in this world and the next.AMMMMEEEENNNN!!!!

I wish to meet u | Reviewer: Samira sadiq zain | 7/5/13

I realy enjoy ur songs,ur music n dat of sami yusuf, are d best on earth.may God bless's my number,+233245080254.i wil like to knw u more.i hope u wont mind doin a music during my wedding.tanx

aweseome | Reviewer: cathy made | 5/3/13

Well I was a christian then I became a muslim now my name is fatima and I love your songs especially hold my hands, insha allah, for the rest of my life and loads more. I learned arabic in 1 year now I read the quran. I hope you are successful with allah as you said in ur for the rest of my life song. Xxxxxx

south african | Reviewer: Tasneem Mulder | 4/17/13

Asalaam moualaykum,wa ragmatullah wa Barakatu.....I was introduced 2ur music in theearly days of January...and cant stop listening to it!most of the songs brings a lot of joy and sadness to my heart and most often make me think about my own life and the choices I make,the lyrics to ur songs r inspirational....may Allah (swt) reward u well Insha allah ameen...Love alwayz TASNEEM.

the choosen one | Reviewer: sameer Ahmad | 3/25/13

Asalamu Alikum warahmatula ......... Dear Mehar Zain i dont know where frm i start you are only one singer in the world that tuches my soul with ur sweet voice nd with ur fantastic songs there is no singer is equal to you in the world InshaAllah you will be a successfull singer in the world ....may Allah bless you nd your family ........

Ya Nabi Salam is Bestr Of Best | Reviewer: Syed Nizamuddin | 3/12/13

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh brother Maher,

Your are the best singer in hole world i love your song ya nabi salam......You did a exclent job keept it up dear love you god bless you always..May allah make you sucessful to all your future steps.Ameen

Allahi Allah keya karo | Reviewer: Amir Hussain | 3/12/13

thank you very much.i hope that everybody may be like are full of love to allah.i wonder you.i am musliman too.and want everybody knows how wonderfull to be musliman.i obliged you.

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