One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Holmes | 8/14/14

Definitely it's one of the best songs ever composed. The lyrics are as deep as Pushkin or Byron poems and both music and video are just brilliant. The situation shown in this song happens frequently in real life and it's really hard to say good-buy despite of all things sometimes...

THE POWER OF GOOD-BYE | Reviewer: Ashley Pushkins Machiya | 12/6/11

that's marvelous,the power of GOOD-BYE.Freedom comes when you learn to let go,creation comes when you learn to say no,now i learnt a lesson it's high time i have to let it go.i luv it,coz i'm her fortress she had to burn and the pain in my heart is warning me that something's wrong and nw i'm praying to God that it wont be long.

Great song! | Reviewer: Lara | 11/26/11

The melody is great and the lyrics are deep, This album was probably her best. I just wish I didn't have to say goodbye to the person I love so much! Ugh love really sucks !!!! :( it's true tho that it takes alot of power to say goodbye.

Evergreen song | Reviewer: Neda | 4/5/11

Wonderful,just wonderful!Melody,lyrics,her voice,video,everything.
Almost always brings tears to my eyes!For sure one of Madonna`s best ballads and songs generally.This song and most other songs from`Ray of light`album reminds me of such a beautiful period of my life at the end of the 90`s and Madonna looked nice at that period, too.I`ll never get tired of this song! Hello from Serbia!:-)

Review the song The Power Of Good-Bye | Reviewer: yuristyawan | 7/2/09

there's no power than the power of good bye, ou, that's a good song with the best singer, the music is universal, not tube depending of culture and geographic location, i prove it, i'm from south east asia.l

The queen who can't say good-bye | Reviewer: JAcob | 11/6/08

I think this is one of the best songs Madonna ever has been singing. It's catchy, it's true, it's wonderfull. Madonna is the best selling female artist ever, and I hope she's not saying goodbye soon... Good songtext!