no language errors!! | Reviewer: elina | 4/21/13

awesome song...btw as far as i know "mujhe maaf kardo" is hindi and means please forgive me...maybe the same thing is ther in urdu but these words are hindi for sure...don't think they are of urdu origin..

chizuru | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/11

On official site Madonna in lyrics is CLEARLY written "Przepraszam". Polish language is hard to pronounceable so don't be suprised that in her mouth this sound like "phrzephrashow". I'm Pole and I hear this clearly.

??MisUnderstandinG?? | Reviewer: Jack Angel | 7/25/11

"Mujhe Maaf Kardo" Are "Urdu(Pakistani)" Nat "Hindi(Indian)" n it Meanz 'You Have To Forgive Meh' ...It Would Sound Better "Mujhe Maaf KARO" ..thats wat Madonna Say In Song n byway Love Thiz Song its Awesum

It's lithuanian! | Reviewer: wojtas | 3/2/10

As far as I don't know lithuanian I'm completely sure that she doesn't sing "przepraszam" in that widely-commented verse. I'm native Pole and listening to this song hundreds of times in the radio I didn't ever think that it might be "przepraszam". Don't argue, this isn't "przepraszam" for sure!

anonymouse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

Eheh... you all are ridiculous! Why be mad to understand the language she used? Listen and be happy and stop with all this nonsenses ihih ^^ bye from italy (and if we wanna say something, in italian we usually don't say ''sono spiacente'' that's a form too corteous and cold.... between people we say ''scusa'' that's a better from ^^) :p

Yeaaa... | Reviewer: Sava | 4/30/08

"Isheik prashow"?! Buahahaha XD You've made my day :) First of all - it's CLEARLY a polish "Przepraszam". Second - Madonna CONFIRMED it's "Przepraszam" in one of the interviews. So just shut up, listen to this awesome song, and don't try to be cool next time :)

I like this song | Reviewer: Yasir Khan | 2/5/08

This is a very nice song. I like it, but the words she used in this song " Mujhe maaf kardo",
are not the Hindi words. They are URDU words.
Plz make sure for next time you put the right language name in lyrics.

().() | Reviewer: Anitaaaaa | 1/8/08

Hhahahha I can not understand why Madonna (she has lots of money and people helping her) can has this mistakes in her songs... is incredible!
I'm Spanish and I'm happy because she has pronuncied: Lo siento (I'm sorry) and Perdóname (forgive me) correctly.
Please, Madonna in your next songs, try to get a better interpreter!!

concerning foreign words | Reviewer: TeeJ | 11/6/07

Madonna sings "Isheik prashow", which is Lithuanian in her song, not "Przepraszam"!! It's very clear. "Isheik prashow" means "please leave" in Lithuanian.

mistake | Reviewer: meandog | 10/12/07

Madonna does not sing Przepraszam in this song.

As I know both languages, I know how it would be spelled, just listen to the actual sound:

Przepraszam would sound like "psheprasham"
išeik prašau sounds like "isheik prashow", and that's exactly how Madonna sings it.

A little story about this is that Madonna and Guy Ritchie's one of the best friend in England is lithuanian guy.

her songs rok and shes so cool as! | Reviewer: doyoung | 9/23/07

She deserves to critize and say what she has in her mind i guess.Her songs are never boring and her dancers from the confession tour are just great dancers who wow me all the time
Does anyone know where to get that sexy Red leather jacket that she was wearing in the confession tour last year?

Yeahhhh Madonna Rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/07

I'm from mexico, madonna always knows how to make it special, it's a gift or something you know, all her songs are great but sorry it's like WOOOOW super cool and the video cool what a woman!!!!

There is a mistake ! | Reviewer: Rei | 8/16/07

Madonna does not sing "Išeik prašau" in her song, there should be "Przepraszam" that's in polish - sorry. I'm sure about that.

sorry | Reviewer: Mergytea | 7/12/07

thats so nice im lithuanian and its so cool that she used lithuanian words Iseik Prasau (leave) in lithuanian. its was so good to hear it from Madonna :) xxxxxx

sorry ..but I speak spanish.. asi que.. | Reviewer: Gonzalo | 6/27/07

sepan que todos los trabajos de Madonna son as well as she..todas sus songs tienen ese toque especial que solo ella se lo sabe hacer asentuar.. SORRY realmente muestra la "perra" que Madonna tiene dentro..que es lo mejor !! I love Madonna...