- - - - - - 04/27/2007 | Reviewer: Luka Racic | 4/27/2007

It is amazing.I like sankrit ,I like Madonna ,and I like them both mesh-up.Fantastic melody and lyrics.Keep singin'girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wonderful song! | Reviewer: Chandana | 9/14/2005

Being a Hindu, it is a really great feeling to hear such a famous singer perform a typical Sanskrit sloka(taken from The Bhagavatgita) in the form of a pop-song which might reach out to the whole world. The song is very addictive. The tune is catchy and lingers on in the mind.For me it's prayer and enjoyment at the same time!
I wish more songs like these are made.

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Erotic, Yet Reverent, Cross-Cultural Hotness! | Reviewer: MW Savant | 7/24/2004

I have made hundreds of 'the uninitiated' "lose it" whenever i'd request this tune time and again (or play it on the jukebox in the bar).

There is, firstly and perhaps most importantly, an homage to the Guru. But the beat, instrumentation (sounding quite authentic, by the way) and the energy-raising roots of this tune "send me over" every time I hear it. Even today!

It matters not, musically, that it is in Hindi. I think it's part of its ancient appeal and mystery. Some people LOVE it the second they hear it. Others need time. But in most every case, my "haters" started requesting it themselves. It is infectious, hypnotic and rare. It isn't some typical bubble-gum crap. I feel that it was a daring, if not a little self-indulgent (I'm imagining an "I'm recording it whether anyone ELSE likes it or not!" kind of feeling---though I am SURE they knew what they had!), piece of musical "spirit-cake" COVERED in lotus, jasmine, lilac and honeysuckle blossoms---it also comes with a handy libido-pluckin' back beat. I salute them for recording it. It is and will remain one of my favorite tracks for the reasons above. The main reason is that, no matter if you can understand the lyrics or not, appreciate the instruments, the tempo, timbre, the intense "drive" or any of it...if you're open to listening well and letting it inject itself into your cells...I trust you'll come to feel as I have and do. I'll try anything once when it comes to music.

MW Savant
Key West, Florida

The writer is a professional singer and trained musician, vocal coach and interpretive coach. He is a published, freelance writer/reviewer that recently worked and resided in the NYC area. He also was the founding Artistic Director of the Key West International Jazz Festival. He could NOT resist the chance to voice his opinion about Shanti! HEY! It's just an opinion, Dude! Thanks for the forum.

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