Madonna's gift | Reviewer: SERGIO | 12/23/13

There is more to Madonna than meets the eye.She is gifted in many ways.She is not just a star, but a woman with a spiritual insight, someone with a deep understanding of the spiritual realms and how to navigate them while still in this human form. She is truly an inspiration and someone to admired. I Love her!

the madonna I now know | Reviewer: diamond iroha | 2/7/13

since in life, the only female musiciani ever known or like is celine dion but they are numerous songs which I love but I don't know the singers, until google came out, I began to make research and discover a lot of things from then I began to love madonna because her songs use to pieces my heart and I love her so much. her song I love most is "you must love me".

i love madonna | Reviewer: m fan | 8/25/12

hey! Madonna is the nicest singer everytime,I love she so much I am 15 and love she since 2005-6.She's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
love everything from her!
I hope she sings for everytime and gets a age over 120!
She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice.
I love Madonna more than every other persons or things.
Madonna is more important and famous as good.
And that should be so everytime (And Is)
Madonna I love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Addiccted to Madonna! | Reviewer: candy | 8/25/12

The Songs by Madonna saying the truth!
I love every thing that Madonna do.
Her tourneen are so nice,everything other too...
I LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm your #1 fan, and I know this... | Reviewer: Rose | 3/16/12

I hate it when people compare you to other fake ass singers or so they say they are, let me tell you that you’re not comparable to no!!! Other two cents loser that just came out of a rock, Madonna is the best singer Gods ever created and cannot be copied and pasted like these losers think they can make it as far as you have… I still listen to your songs and Blass the music so loud my grandmother in the clouds can hear me play, You canDance! I <3 U, My Music Queen...

Love you Madonna | Reviewer: Mavaega | 5/25/11

Hi Madonna, i really like to listen of your two favorite musics: is called the "La Isla Bonita" and the "Like the Prayer". It really brings me feelings. Thank you Madonna, youre my favorite singer. The words of the song has a great meaning. Love you and may God bless.

Papa dont Preack madonna! | Reviewer: MANDY | 4/21/11

Hey madonna i started liking u after ma boyfriend said what king of person you are by heart ! and i cut my hair only after i started listening to your songs , i love you madonna ! i know u care a fuck wat people think about u ... i alwz tell others about ur song

Love you

i love you madonna | Reviewer: bishop ejembi | 3/4/11

i love your songs and movies.your courage and struggles from childhood has been a source of inspiration to me and my brothers,you have done very well in your career,we whish to hear from you again in your music.i love your fans,your children and above all,i love you.may God bless you and ur family as you go on with your life.

Queen of Dance | Reviewer: Amy | 7/9/09

Hey!I'm a fan of Madonna!She is the bestest dancer and singer eva!And todays my birthday!I'm putting up everywhere Madonna's stuff!My bedroom stuff in my bedroom is all Madonna thingies around!I hope that I would be like you in tha future!People would call meh Madonna Jr.!JK!

Charity Program | Reviewer: Rockyus | 6/19/09

Hey Madona,

I real appreciate your kind heart for decide to assist the dificult children especially in Africa. We have a lot of problems and the number keep increasing as the day goes on.
I advice you to fight on the roots by choosing the country of ur choice and try to fight with the problems rather than picking one kids after another.

Hope you will consider as per my request,

Madonna we love you | Reviewer: Kamyar | 4/26/09

I really like Madonna,She's the greatest,the most beautiful,and Queen of Pop.
I'm 15 and I like her for 7 monthes and I think She will the most important singer in my life.
There are many people in Iran know you,
i'm so sad that you can't come here...

Madonna: Welcome to the End of the World...Chile! | Reviewer: Madgefan | 10/13/08

I'm 18 and I like her since I was 10..."American Pie" was a beautiful illusion for me and my hobbie began...Now...I will see her for the very first Santiago (December 10)...I'm so excited...Madonna!!!
We have waited for you 26 years! We'll give you a big hand...we'll thank you..your music...Is the best thing that we've the whole f*cking history...


will u help | Reviewer: Armand | 11/27/07

you are the best i have always liked your music and the person you are. I need help on getting started with a new tv reality show that i think you will be happy with , e mail me

thanx armondo

Madonna | Reviewer: Bradley Howington | 9/5/07

Madonna is the best Singer in the World.
I love her with all my Heart. ;-]
I love tha She is a Powerful Woman.
And does not give a Fuck what People think of Her.
I love you Madonna!!!

Bradley Howington


HEY YOU MADONNA!!! | Reviewer: teo | 6/30/07

oooh madonna! she is QUEEN of DANCE! she is wonderfol women!how singer,how mather,how artist...:) i'm her fan i love her very much!i have got her alboms dvdes:)yeh it's great! I LOVE YOU :)