The End of Life as We Know it! | Reviewer: Patricia Lahey | 3/17/14

I am a rock singer, an English literature student, and a fairly intelligent person.......I can interpret the heck out of art....and this song is about a global that does not bode well for the majority of humanity.....Miss Donna has been in on it for a while...has become a bit of a Queen of the secret, really....well Madonna, we are starting to hear, learn and know......some of us at least......we have two eyes and that gives us perspective........::::::)

Song of all times | Reviewer: Andrew Best | 12/28/13

Hmmm... i have listened to this music a few times but never paid attention to its lyrics until 24hrs ago. since then, i have not ceased from playing it. This music is trans-generational; a song for all times and seasons. God bless Madonna!

The song of my life | Reviewer: Lyn | 4/24/13

This song is like Madonna is telling my situation right now.
After finding my biological family in December, it turned out that my biological father never told his children from this later marriages about me. Even though he knew he had a daughter that was adopted out. So when I found them, he has lied and said I am a fraud.
The truth is never far behind
You kept it hidden well

Well Sperm donor dearest, it's DNA time

Memorable Song | Reviewer: Maggie | 4/29/12

U saw ;At Close Range' in the mid 80's. There were 6 of us at a friends home, and with all of the others talking, I didn't get to see much of the movie
But 'Live to Tell' 'burned inside of me' all of these years.
Unfortunately, it isn't played very often, but every time I hear it, I turn up the volume, and fall in love with it all over again.
Last week, 'At Close Range' was on TV, and I recorded it on TiVo...then watched it, in its' entirety, a total of 3 times in 2 days. I had not realized when first seeing the movie, but portions of 'Live to Tell' plays throughout almost the entire movie.
For anyone who has had a troubling childhood, this song could be their 'mantra'.
I never get tired of the song 'Live to Tell' and, as I quickly realized last week, I doubt that I'll ever get tire of the movie 'At Close Range'.
I don't know if I want to purchase the true story (book) of the Johnson Family, but I would love to read the book that the movie 'At Close Range' is based on.

Memories | Reviewer: Ava | 3/7/12

I agree that the song is open to interpretation. I am a survivor of child rape and sexual abuse. I kept it a secret for 14 years. This song always spoke to me, "It will burn inside of me". I was betrayed by a man who constantly lied and manipulated me (A man can tell a thousand lies, I've learned my lesson well). That was my personal take on the song

Madonna, Brilliant Illuminist | Reviewer: ralph | 2/16/11

Like reviewer Robert states (Madonna's Best) the song is as bewitching as the mythical Greek Sirens. It is a masterpiece, I interpret it as relating to a "bad romance" with a church, "a man can tell a thousand lies, I learned my lesson well... it will burn inside of me......."

Live to tell | Reviewer: Tracy | 1/3/11

This song was made for the movie At Close Range. Madonna was married to Sean Penn at the time and they needed a song for the movie and he and Madonna came up with this song to go with the movie. This song and movie go hand and hand.

Like the Song | Reviewer: Cheryl | 11/10/10

I like "Live to Tell". However, people keep attempting to interpret what Madonna meant when she wrote the song. Truth is, Madonna did not write this song: she only recorded it and made it a hit.

Madonna's Best | Reviewer: Robert | 3/8/10

I have listened to many songs and when i like them i play them over and over but after a while i get tired of them. But "live to tell" is the most bewitching song i have ever listened to for days on end i listen to it over and over again, when i am down it just lifts me up, its like she talks right into your soul itself. Madonna is simply the best.

just lovely! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

love this song. love everything about this song. the words, the feeling, the intonation in her voice, the song itself. i think it is my favorite of madonna;s songs, although i have many. this stands out among the rest in my mind. just lovely!

Subliminal messages | Reviewer: haydzzzz | 7/27/09

this is by far 1 of the greatest songs madonna has ever created, but iv read ll ur comments, u dont no the true message behind her lyrics!!!
madonna isnt what she seems, these lyrics will send shivers down ur spine if u eva knew what they really ment!!! be aware of her subliminal messages!!!

MZ.@quafina | Reviewer: adraianna | 4/15/09

i so totally love this song i listen to it when i'm in my room all alone in the dark it speaks my true feelings. and im a black girl saying dis most black girls listen to monica or brandy but i listen to modona don't get me wrong i still listen to monica but i step outside the box and pop in a little modona evey now and then she real cool

Madonna's Best Recorded Song | Reviewer: Ronald | 11/3/08

"Live To Tell" by Madonna is the best song that she has recorded. She is one of my favorite performers/singers with great songs like "Papa, Don't Preach", "Vogue", "Ray of Light", "Something To Remember", "Human", "This Use To Be My Playground", "Theme from Evita", and the dance hit "Music", but up to now "Live To Tell" is my favorite recording by her. The message of the song is thought provoking and encourages you to self evaluate your position in life. It's just a great song.

The secret that we know inside us | Reviewer: Abel | 8/27/08

Even when people lie about the truth, we still know its inside us and we can't run away. In many times this ligth talk with us(like inside us), but we still pretend not to listen it.

I wonder know the moment she wrote this song. She is in another moment today. Don't know if she can write another song like that again. So, if someone knows the year and history of this song, please mail me abelmon at gmail dot com.

Once bitten, twice shy | Reviewer: Colleen | 1/29/08

I interpret this song's lyrics differently now that I am a wife who has been betrayed by her husband. "I've learned my lesson well" means that I am stronger for it, but much more guarded as well... I do not trust anyone easily now.