My very first lessons | Reviewer: JC Lagos | 6/12/07

since i was five i've been listening the immaculate collection (thanks to my Mom for that)
and this one (live to tell) beside la isla bonita, like a prayer.. aside the other they're amazing pieces too, but live to tell have always make me think about everything you just can't limited this song and by the way on the confessions tour it's breathless (get the dvd/cd it's just a shame that she didn't wanted to put live to tell on the cut for de cd instead the sorry remix or erotic)

Long Life to the Queen!!!
the new album it's comming around the corner!

The Confession Tours version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

YEs... it is excelente... and the most powerful is how she made a relation between the lyrics of the song and the terrifiying situation in Africa... where 12 million chindren have AIDS... she is asking us to help another people... I think she may be right! Hope the polititians listen this song...

i love this song ! | Reviewer: a n i t a | 4/26/07

please hear the version of Confession Tours its excellent!

i fell in love!!

live the whole chaos agian!! | Reviewer: pranith | 4/3/07

what i think about this music is a fantastic she will sing it better than no one else. t thats what i think

This song is sooo true to heart and soul ~ | Reviewer: angela | 3/11/07

this songs always opens my senses to everything around me. it also calms me down and making me realize that there is more to life than just me.

live to tell review | Reviewer: laura | 2/22/07

i love this song so much it carms me down! I have always loved madonna's and this must be my favourite one !

lies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/06

its do tell lies...big fat whopping ones and it sucks!!!

Live to tell | Reviewer: Samba-Panza Maryse | 8/9/06

I Have a tale to tell, Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well