IT'S JUST A FUCKING SONG | Reviewer: Amelia | 6/19/13

LOL idk how I managed to find this site but the reviews I'm reading on the people who are slandering Madonnas song are fucking hilarious. It just goes to show you how they take everything up the ass. CHILL. It's just a song!!

I am getting so tired of this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/12

*Sigh* Why can't you people just shut up about the Catholic thing... This is a great song, the music is catchy and the lyrics in themselves contain nothing insulting or immoral. I never even saw the videoclip, and I don't like Madonna either for the 'sexy dancing on stage', to me it's just about the music. Honestly, do you have to make such a hell (pun intended) of a fuss? If you don't like the music, don't listen to it, don't look up the lyrics and if you really, absolutely feel that the world needs your opinion about it (and I will admit, after reading all this I did feel like that, because you're all but flat-out declaring war on someone you don't know and apparently don't care about either), then could you at least, pretty please, make sure you can speak AND write English? I am Belgian - native language Dutch. Find me one mistake in the entire text I just typed. Just sayin'.

Sound devilish | Reviewer: Theologist | 7/19/12

Most of intros in a song sounds like it base on good thangz,bt at last u'i hear sum freakin words of blasphem to ma Heavenly God,yet many like madonna's telant,bt its nothin to lead u into heaven its cn drag u to hell of no well.

Chantel-MORON | Reviewer: Felix R. | 6/7/12

You are a moron.
1.) god is B.S.
2.) if your 'god' exists, why can't you pray for a second grade spelling book?
It should challenge you.
3.) Madonna is amazing. I HATE pop music. I'm a hardcore punk fan. If I, of all people love her, she must be fucking amazing.

And one more thing. 'Kisd' MY ass, dim shit.

Madonna worships devil | Reviewer: chantel | 4/27/12

iam a christain,buh lov madonna songs b4,bt nw i kan c wat z songs z al abt, atyms we lv listening to her music n lyric,we lv it without knownin d meanin of d song, 4 instance g' like a prayer' she start it with as if she z worshipn God bt look wel 2 it u wl undastnd it 4 lucifa. At d end of d music she kisd hz anus 2 show d respect. So u guys should stp covern ha

Outdated Catholic Beliefs | Reviewer: Thomas | 4/21/12

Come out Virginia and Little Prayer both posit that the Catholic Church is outdated and irrelevant. Don't believe me? How many Catholic women use birth control methods that are in strict contravention to Church teachings? Only Third World countries still follow the irresponsible "Be Fruitful and Multiply" precepts that degrade women and relegate them to servitude and penury. Billy Joel and Madonna champion a better way. Pax Vobiscum!

keep it real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/12

This song is definitely sending a bad message, and her video to this song shows burning crosses in the background. All celebrities who disrespect God are all hypocrites and this song is clearly showing her worshiping Satan. I just think in my opinion that not anyone should mock anyone's beliefs, its disrespectful.

Lay off her! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/10

'Like a Prayer' is a song wherein Madonna attacks Catholic parochialism, the extreme ascetism of some people in the Church, the (to her) pointless emphasis on celibacy and other such considerations, and the lack of emphasis on social justice. Madonna did not become an antichristic figure with this song, though of course some of her performances looked like she was moving toward that. And her vanity as of late has led us to conclude that she is resting on her own popularity and not something higher than herself.
Anyway, the song is notable and praiseworthy for its candor. We may or may not agree with its message - I, a devout Catholic, still believe in priestly celibacy and sexual discipline, but admire Madonna's candor in addressing this point of contention in praxis (she herself was nominally Catholic back then).
Note that 'down on my knees' seems to have a meaning different from what this present generation suggests (i.e. oral s*x). There is nothing morally objectionable about this song. There is something morally objectionable about the song '4 Minutes', being as it was composed in this decade, but 'Like a Prayer' doesn't have any moral tangle.
Catholic leaders objected, of course - it was their priestly vocation that was being questioned. Now, since the message was directed at the Catholic hierarchy, it is a Catholic question that is asked, and people of other beliefs/opinions/persuasions must refrain from putting any subtexts into Madonna's mouth and must content themselves with non-religious social implications of that message, apart from its religious implications. For that reason alone, atheists, non-Christians, and non-Catholics should lay off Madonna's religious messages. They are not for your salvation or damnation or anything. If Madonna offended a Catholic figure (i.e. the Pope), it is an exclusively Catholic matter and it is not salvation- or damnation-related. Madonna's beef against the Pope does not translate into having beef against God.

As a Catholic, however, I see that Madonna's religious message here is something that Catholics have had in their minds for a long, long, long time, way, way, way before the 1960s - only they did not express it publicly for fear of being judged as excommunicant. Opinions should not be criticized as dangerous, but (if they perchance are unacceptable) should be explained in understandable terms).

judge no | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

perhaps we need to just worry about ourselves and our personal spiritual paths, instead of judging. "judge not, lest ye be judged", no? perhaps is we channeled our energies inwardly and attempt at our own spiritual and personal growth, we could be on our way to a simpler, more truthful future. madonna has a gift. let's acknowledge that and leave her lyrical judgement to a Higher Power. peace

I do comment | Reviewer: Dundunable | 2/14/10

How amazing? Sexy first, singing skill come 2nd. That’s the pop scene of our world. How awesome? If I were her boy friend, I feel insecure. I don’t know when will be dumped. How popular? Bible had been sold billions of billions in different languages. Millions of millions people give their life to Jesus & walk with Him everyday.
Good singer may not be popular. Popular may not be good in singing. If you guys compare her with Cyndi Lauper, who had a concert in 2004 (Live…at last DVD). And Madonna who had 3 songs singing in Live 8 concert in London 2005. You will feel the difference. Of course if you guys like hot sexy dancing on stage, please ignore my words.

some of you ppl | Reviewer: Bri | 1/24/10

some of you guys are ridiculous! If you feel the lyrics don't go w/ your faith then don't freaking listen to the song! Madonna Is amazing so get over it. The Backstreet Boys and Madonna are both good you honestly don't need to compare them its really lam, and your just making yourselves look like fools squabbling over petty things.

ashleigh | Reviewer: ashleigh | 11/3/09

OK who cares about this...This whole Madonna damnation happened in 1989 when the song came out....THERE IS NO GOD THERE IS NOTHING BUT VAST EMPTINESS!!!!!! Madonna is awesome...END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer | Reviewer: andrew millar | 9/25/09

Father please forgive our generation for just wanting to have fun; for sexual immorality, drunkeness, apathy, and many other ways we have sinned against you and your laws we repent of it and ask you to heal us... please
We also ask that we could as asked help this younger generation to do things the right way to focus on Jesus, to care about Israel, worship, prayer let us come along side them and show them there is hope in a God who is faithful. It's all about you Jesus!

Jhn 8:11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

Please know God' love for you! | Reviewer: andrew millar | 9/23/09

God can be reached by prayer and if you believe he can set you free. He loves you so much He sent his only Son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins and did not come to condemn or judge you, but to save you!:)

MADONNA IS MORE POPULAR THAN JESUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

Listen up all you fools, Madonna is more popular than jesus and anyone who doesn't KNOW this is a crazy, like "Pepsi is better than Coke" crazy. 'Like a Virgin' is such an amazing soungs and has made so many people full of such good feelings. Its sentimental, yet strong; deep yet understanding. Pretty much the most amazing musical composition ever.