Why do you have an argument? | Reviewer: Angie | 5/8/09

well i dont know much english but i can understand everything please dont have an arguement she is nice .. and the backstreet boy too i like both .. they are artists .. please each one have their fans!

To Backstreet Boys Fan | Reviewer: likeaprayer | 4/23/09

if you are a backstreet boys fan, why are you here ?
Madonna is in the music world since 1982 : 27 years not 40, you moron. Madonna sold more than 200 millions records worldwide. She's the most successful female artist of all the time. She has 12 number one hits in the U.S, the backstreet boys got ... 0. Madonna made 11 studio-albums, 7 were number one, none of the backstreet's boys albums became number one. She also earned a Golden Goble for her role in Evita, she wrote a best-seller book named Sex. And Finally, she got more fans than the backstreet boys will ever have. So shut up and go away.

Unhappy | Reviewer: Mwansa Musongo | 4/4/09

Am a christian who believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour.I have respect for men of God so i don't think is was right for Madonna to dedicate her song like a virgin to Pope. I enjoy listening to her musik but like a prayer song just felt like playing my religious. Dont play with God remember the The bettles they collapsed.

bsb's better | Reviewer: A Backstreet Boys Fan | 4/26/08

madonna has lots of songs,
has a lot of guts.
but Backstreet Boys have also lots of songs and have a lot of songs.they sailed 78 million albums and won all kinds of music rewards.
they have 9 albums.They have 130 songs and they exist 15 years.madonna 40. and she has some...140 songs... it's a lot of difference,isn't it? Backstreet boys are just SO much better!!!
Backstreet's back all right!
they've got it goin' on for years! ;)
A Backstreet boys Fan

bsb's better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

madonna has lots of songs.
but she's singing for thirty years.
backstreet boys have not as much,but they're only singing since '93.And madonna only camed so far because she has guts.Backstreet boys have guts too,but they can sing much better and the songs are better.they have a better message in they're songs.and,infact they've made more songs in 15 years than Madonna did.Bckstreet came back,after a break,cause they are unbreakable.
BSB rules forever!!!
Backtreet's back,allright!

BSB's better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

Madonna made a lot of songs.
she camed far.
Backstreet Boys too.
but Madonna camed far because she has guts.
Backstreet Boys also have guts.
But they have much more than Madonna has.
They can sing better,the message in all theyre songs is deeper,better.They have much more songs than Madonna did when she was singing for thirteen years.
BSB rules forever!!!
Backstreet's Back,Allright!!!

Wow! I wish It was like Yesterday | Reviewer: Johnny | 1/27/08

I love this song too,it brings me back to teenage world and I wish I go back to early 1990's cuz I had a dance with a girl that i like...man we DANCE and it was awsome....I love Madonna ever since she sang this song...:)

beautiful i love it! | Reviewer: donnalee | 12/29/07

this song just makes you wanna get up and do the dumbest dance moves ever! i love it makes you breka free if you wish to say . the best of madonnas

The very best of Madonna!!!! | Reviewer: Antonio Galvez | 11/13/07

This is the song i love more, the video is the best! Madonna I Love You

Woah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

I love this song...I don't know why, but it's beautiful. I know it's kind of cliche, but when I hear it, I think of a girl who is so in love with a guy...but that's just me...:-*

like a prayer | Reviewer: andreina | 11/7/07

this song is a beautiful song it makes me think of being strong to myself and it makes me feel good when i am by his side because he will be with me in good and bsd times.

I love this song | Reviewer: Gauri | 10/9/07

Its got life, its got virtue... its got emotion, its got substance... I dont know why, but everytime I hear it, I feel fresh and rejuvenated.... I just love this song !

the best... | Reviewer: nelly | 10/8/07

i think this is the best of madonna song i 've seen, the whole choir stuff is so amazing ,i love it, including the backup by the choir mistress ,it was splendid...

I love This Song! | Reviewer: JeNsEnLoVeR | 7/17/07

I think this is the best song of her. I really love the song and lyrics. I think u got the last part wrong
this part:
Just like a prayer, I'll take you there. It's
Like a dream to me. Just like a prayer, I'll
Take you there. It's like a dream to me. Just
Like a prayer, I'll take you there. It's like
A dream to me. Just like a prayer, I'll take
You there. It's like a dream to me.

it is actually this if u hear the song:
Just like a prayer, your voice can take me
There. Just like a muse to me, you are a
Mystery. Just like a dream, you are not what
You seem. Just like a prayer, no choice,
Your voice can take me there.

anyways i love this song lol i think i said that already.

Power not Pulse | Reviewer: Willy | 2/16/07

In some strophes there would be the "Power" word instead of "Pulse" word.