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Performed by Madonna

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Something odd | Reviewer: sophia | 2/26/12

Not trying to be awful aready being but iI though it wss kind of odd a spanish lullaby and she mention samba. Samba is a kind if music from Brasil, where im from so i dont really get it why would she metion it... Sorry but I just get pissed hearing what foreigners think about here and often trat all south america as only one coutry. But I still love Madonna anyways

y I like this song | Reviewer: mohabib | 1/25/12

I can say madonna is one of de softies vioce ladies in da world.
Ma girlfrnd used to listen da song and then I als felt later how da song is deeply swit and nice
Tnx madonna
I love u

One of best songs | Reviewer: Okala Emeka Enyinnaya | 12/31/11

I am from Nigeria. When i had this Madonna song, i thought i was flying in the sky of love. It got to a point my friend tourched me and i came back to normal, when i ask him why did he tourch me.he told me he was afraid of my gesticulation. I like madonna

It is not complete | Reviewer: riaz paras | 9/3/11

However this song is charming & so nice and music beats are so cute but this song is not complete.please if you will compose another time it will be completed .I will be thank full to act of kindness.

master of music | Reviewer: siamak | 7/3/11

hi everyone.this song is my passion.ten years ago i heard this song and i fell in love with it and madonna's say as yanni said the love is all but where is the true love?i'm looking for a true love and a pal and a partner for my love and i want to share my love with her but i didn't find her untill now.but i'm waiting for that.if someone be find and help me to fell in love with her

The song is genius | Reviewer: Percid | 5/10/11

Dude... just because it says Saint Pedro doesn't mean it is from somewhere in Latin America... What if it is San Pedro in the Canary Islands huh? Then IT would MAKE sense... By the way... I'm not being a racist. Just the plain truth. I'm Puertorican! Long live USA! Long live the World and the people! ;)

just woooow | Reviewer: rosemary | 4/15/11 rosemary from Nigeria,thank god i finally know d lyrics of this song its simply biutiful.i nd my kid broda samson would spend a quality time talkin abt madona nd hw i wld dance the song in my school next welcome onboard paty.....this song rocks

belize | Reviewer: WILY | 4/13/11

how ignorant can yall be i was born in belize and for a fact i know that that song is for sanpedro belize that song isnt about any other dumb island its for sanpedro belize HELLO it says it in the dammmmmm song and it says sanpedro la isla bonita know your facts before putting things like this....... DUHHHHH.

awesome song | Reviewer: hermeen ,india | 3/26/11

well dis song is 1 of my fav song. i m in luv wid song. n i think u al hav d same feelin'.wen i first heard dis song i was like wowwwwwwwwww wat d song man.dis song has been evergreen song for al of us .many many thax 2 madonna. iluv u. bebo

fan | Reviewer: nadia | 3/23/11

hi to all ppl,
im from Iran and about 19 years old...
this song is full of joys n freedom ,when i was a child my english wasnt so good to understand the whole lines but i always loved this song n still do...hope everyone has the same feeling about it...n its great that music is that connects ppl regardless of race,religion,opinion

What can i say | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

Hi, i am cynthia 4rm Nigeria. This song is a song i used 2 hear as a child nd i LOVED it. Though i neva knew d lyrics but i always hummed it. Anytym i hear dis song,i think about love nd i feel lyk floating in d air. Infact,saying i love d song is an understatement. Am so glad i finally know d lyrics.

Okey | Reviewer: Theophilus Okey Adenyi | 2/24/11

I am from Nigeria nd lives in Enugu.I so much like this song. This song inspired me to start learning spanish language . Madonna is like a mother , nd lover to me. Her song is my life. It makes my heart to feel love.

Phi Phi Thailand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/11

Hello all!

Thank you for putting these lyrics online, this is one of my favorite songs and reminds me of my childhood. Now I am with my partner at Phi Phi island and we sing this song constantly,

Madge 4 ever | Reviewer: I love Madonna | 12/25/10

Hi,ppl.I am so glad,to all of you for like this song.Song made before my birth,and I cant belive that I enjoy in lyrics after this time.I wanna to keep in touch with all M fan,and you always can send me mail and ask me all about Madonna.

A beautiful love song | Reviewer: | 11/1/10

me too,I'm not in Madonna's ages,but her music is the best,really she is the queen of pop and no one can take this place from her,Lady gaga jaust wanna imitate her.gaga is nothing in front of Madonna

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