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Performed by Madonna

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Its the best song in the whole universe | Reviewer: MariaSherlyn | 5/26/14

Oh, Madonna I'm from Bangladesh... I'm 14 years old & I love you so much!!!! I disliked old songs.... But your songs hooked me up.... Specialy this one. I never knew about this song. One day I heard it on Vh1 & I became a fan yours. You're the best singer ever in this world. I love you so much! I never get tired of listening this song... Love you with whole heart... And I swear I love this song more than anything!!!!

La Isla Bonita | Reviewer: Gouranga Dutta | 3/3/14

It's not only a song for me, but something more ....
When I heard this song for the first time , I was consummately fascinated by its rhythm and harmony. only for this wonderful song I desired to learn English song.... So,Madonna ,it's u from whom I got the inspiration..... Thank u very much....

Lovely song....... A great one from Madonna | Reviewer: Alvares Hayden waweru | 9/27/13

When i heard this song for the first time, i had no idea who was the artist behind it but after a couple of researches, i came to know that it belonged to Madonna and i sweared by God's name i must have it on ma phone...... Right now i have and i say a big thanks you to the composers of this song

PAYMENT CLERK (KPA) | Reviewer: Tengarengare.Arobati.Anterea. | 8/29/13

With lots of thanks to u Madonna for your great song I have be listening to this song for more than Ten years and now I finally get it my own self.Again Thanks a lot for your kind and loving.TAKE CARE AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS

i'm algerian madonna's fan | Reviewer: menou | 5/16/13

wonderful singer, wonderful song,wonderful lyrics. i like you Madonna. you are my favorite singer. you are wonderful. bytheway; this song is my best one, it is lovely.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/13

Macdonna, GOd bless u for a great song like this, i use to listen to ur song ever since i was a kid but never got d lyric or knew how to sing it. But thank God for d internet i now have d lyric and know how to sing d song. Stay great

Memories of what used to be... | Reviewer: Thabisa silwana | 3/16/13

Oh this song really has good memories,used to be a first choice during beauty pageants...English was foreign to me back then but I tell you something in this song made me understand,you should also try 'frozen' its also a kwaai number- SOUTH AFRICA

I fell in love | Reviewer: Rita Gift | 1/12/13

Wow! I got d lyric of d song nw. I really love this song alot. Madonna makes me to fell in love whenever i hear it. Give it to me by Madonna Ft. Pharrll is all a gud one. Try it, i knw u wil love it.

Lovely song | Reviewer: Very awesome| reviewer Deepika ahirwar|30/12/12 | 12/30/12

I'm from damoh. when i had this modonna song. realy i thought. i was flying in the sky of love. i love modonna's voice. i want to share my love with this song. realy i extreamly love my swapnil. so i want to share this song to my lover. love u swapnil. whr r u. i dn't know.whr r u. bt i still love you.

Mr | Reviewer: Ugo Okamgba | 12/18/12

The song is an ever green to me. I ve been searching to get a song that can measure to more than this song but to no avail. I love Madonna and wish I will be in America to see her life. from Nigeria.

Favorites | Reviewer: Daves love | 11/29/12

I listen to many songs and absolutely love them... Then I get bored with them. I have been listening to this song for more than 20 years and I still love it. I think it is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. She had so many amazing songs when I was growing up. Didn't have CDs or iPods back then lol but I did have her cassette and I remember listening to it so many times I wore it out lol. Dont care much for her later stuff... I know artists have to keep up with trends etc but man I sure do miss the early Madonna. This song in particular. Always was and still is one of my favorites and to this day can still listen to it several times in a row. Even more beautiful after I learned the translation lol

i'm from iran | Reviewer: soha | 11/27/12

hi,this song is the best song that i've heared,i have lots of memory with it,when i was a teen,i was in love with this song..thanks for lyrics because i realy wanted know all of the meaning of his song

when i first time here this song | Reviewer: sufyan patel | 7/31/12

i ws in luv with a girl ... Bt it cm some missundrstndng .... Soo she decided to brkup ... I ws brokn ..... Every night i go to railway station n sit ther alone ... One day ma best frnd came tu knw bout it ... N he then startd joining me every night ... One day he ws playng sngs n it came to la isla bonita .... I asked him which is this sng ... He told me its spanish n singr is medonna .... I loved that sng n when i read its lyrics it ws jzz awsumm ... I also hd send this sng tu ma gf via fb ..... N we started talking again n missundrstnds were solved .... Frm that momnt i started keepng sngs of medonna n also hv an album of her pics .... Luv yew medonna .....

sohrab | Reviewer: sohrab khan | 6/9/12

I am from pakistan and lives in karachi.I so much like this song. This song inspired me to start learning spanish language . Madonna is my favorite singer .i like Her songs . It makes my heart to feel love.
thank you

Esam hassan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/12

thanks for every one want to listen to spanish music and we want to lear all language for every one to puplic our islam by any way in all parts and all around the world esam mohammed mohammed hassan monofia kuesna city el saioaref street

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