Gone,gone ,gone are the good songs ,,, | Reviewer: mo17 | 5/21/12

I was about 12 when I first heard Ray Of Light song and I was amazed then as I am now when I heard all the song that Madonna made before MDNA!At list there are the songs and albums that will remain forever.I really agree with people above the unreleased songs are great,ok everybody can make a mistake even Madonna,sometimes.Thre Ray Of Light era was the best Mdonna era for my opinion,so BIG THanx For you M.Ray Of Light TURN BACK AGAIN!

diadora | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/12

This song is really amazing. It would be a better choice instead of producing MDNA, to give us a collection of unreleased tracks. She has a great collection of them. MDNA made me sick! My god...

Stunning! | Reviewer: Madge lover | 4/16/11

Gone gone gone is among Madonnas best.The beat is really stunning and the lyrics too.With a will orbits help,gone gone gone is amazing and lovable.My favorie part is : bleeding bleeding/ then comes the recognition/ anger sheeting /I don't need your permission/ and I don't know who you are/ and this thing has gone too far/is this love?/I think not/ I want out

an amzing madonna song | Reviewer: barbaraa | 8/16/06

gone, gone, gone from madonna is a must have in your madonna collection, wether or not you're fan.
never released officially, this song was to appear on the ray of light album.
what a shame it didn't.
the beat is strange, and the tempo is fast.
her voice is great on it and there's a lot of emotion in the song.
the bridge is really "you're into deep, you cannot keep the promises you made, etc..."
it's absolutly divine!
please madonna, release an official cd of your unreleased tracks, i'm sure it'd be a great idea.