Think deeply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

She is not humming like "hmmmmm..." she is saying "omm" the name of her god. And the shape shift in the video is an absolute property of jinns , dajjal.
You can see by the comments that how this sotonic has mesmerized people and its drivhng people crazy and they are "giving theirselves to her" and she is "melting their hearts."

Keep ur eyes open | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

Look, in this sotonic song the key is given to us... Its upon us that whether we let dajjal to overwhelm us or not. The best way to escape is to practice our religion, pray to God for the better, seek Allah's blessings and protection from the evil ones.

LENA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/11

It's sotonic song,if you carefully listen,you could hear or understand about what she is singing.. She prayes to her ''God'' - Lucifer or Dajjal.. I recommend you The Arrivals,and you'll find out the truth.. All of this is big LIE!

mesmerized | Reviewer: Archer | 6/27/11

for those of you who understands the true meaning of this song, the following quotation is for them. "this cant go on i must inform the lord, can this still be real or just some crazy dream. but i feel drawn towards those chanting hoards, seems to mesmerize...... cant avoid their eyes."

my favorite song ever | Reviewer: bkest | 12/12/10

Definitely my favorite song ever by Madonna. She mixed the 2-step-bass with harmonic synthesized violins and a wonderful sensitive kind of singing and with excellent lyrics. One of the best songs of all times, of Madonna, of the 90s (1997), of lovesongs, of... whatever.


Dina | Reviewer: dina | 7/16/10

Beautiful heart felt song by Madonna, and I agree she looks very sensual and with witchy mysterious sex appeal!!! However, she is far from what she portrays in this video !!! Madonna is a very cold and calculating person! She is a master at manipulating people to get what she wants, and only cares for herself! Sad but true!

Frozen to be melted | Reviewer: Micheal | 1/30/10

Frozen is practically my best Madonna song. It's eye watering and soul opening. I don't know if it's just me but this song has a key to unlock and MELT the FROZEN heart. Madonna really looks hot in the video. Sexual and Sensual. What more to say? I.D.T.S.

Foucus | Reviewer: marshall | 4/18/09

Its not about what u think // its a mosonic song .. the shape shift in the clip assure what i said .. and the tatu in here hand palm is the sign of mosonic reliogon she is not jew she is mosonic .. go search the youtube for :

The Arrival for hashemfilms and see what we are listning to .. what brain wash we do have .. its a fuckking dangerous documentary .. about mosonic and antichrist .. waste a minutes for that documentary and u will watch the wrest of the series ..
trust me its not like what it seems ..

* | Reviewer: FrozenDancer | 1/23/08

*i thougt - "I'll give myself to You, and You melt my heart!" :D
btw... i am still listening it :) WEry cool song for stretching, meditation and for all... :) I want to remind - Madonna looks unbelievable beautiful in this video... ok... time to go stretch! :D

Love in it | Reviewer: FrozenDancer | 1/21/08

The best song i ever heard! I didn't like Madonna, really didn't like... but this song is a lot of steps higher than others her songs! So hypnotic, powerfull and hard.... I am in love with this song! Video is the best i imagine for this song! And Madonna... omg... she looks so beautiful, so dark tempting... If i was her stylist i allways make her dress in black and keep hairstyle like in video! Amazing coool! I listen it 3 days in a row :) all day long! Fantastic... I'll give yourself to You! ;) and You melt heart!