Correction: Madonna Did Not Write the Song | Reviewer: ChatThreadInterloper | 8/8/14

I'm no fan of Madonna or her portrayal of Eva Peron, so I should first admit that I happened upon this thread quite by accident. I simply couldn't help but notice that nobody has offered a correction to the assertion that Madonna had anything to do with the 'Evita' theme song. That is to say, other than warbling the lyrics, made famous by Patti Lapone in the Broadway production. The music is by Andrew Lloyd Weber and the lyrics are by Tim Rice. Madonna has certainly never written any lyrics worthy of a chat thread that spans 4 years.

Karen Carpenters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/13

I heard Karen sing this song in youtube and her voice is great! I immediately buy the album (Passage ) at Amazon, although the shipping is more expensive than the album ( $7 for the album and $10 for the shipping ) I think it worth! I miss the voice of Karen Carpenters, in my opinion, She is the best in singing this song.

Loved Madonna on Evita, just my opinion | Reviewer: Rey | 11/30/12

Madonna really did an amazing job on this performance of Evita. I think she did really well and no one will ever come close to her. It shows she is a great and excellent actress and she won a Golden Globe for that film so I
think Madonna did certainly great on the film and she also was a great singer.

Thank's to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and Maddona | Reviewer: Solmaz | 11/9/11

Yes,"The song means something different to everybody", For me it's all about freedom :"I had to let it happen, I had to change
Couldn't stay all my life down at heel
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun
So I chose freedom
Running around, trying everything new"
and I'll chose freedom again and again and again.

Answer to Lucy | Reviewer: Agustina | 5/6/11

After evita dead, Juan Peron started a sort of depresion. He called everything as her. Even, he created a place called: Ciudad Evita.
In 1955 the militia took the government of Argentina and then Perón was exilied. He came back with his new bride, María Estela "Isabel" Perón. When they came back, they had postulated to President and Vicepresident of Argentina. They won, but their politics were differents than in the first governments. He helped rich people before doing that with poor people. He died, Isabelita became President, and then the militia (1976) took the power again, calling this act "Proceso de reorganización social", the most horrible years of the Argentina story. Now, the militars that were in the power of this years, and that made dissapair thousends of childs and babies, are being judged.

I love it! | Reviewer: Charlotte | 4/20/11

i love this song.. But i am doing Eva Peron for my chautauqua in my history class. If anyone has any helpful tips for me to do a great preformance on her please let me know. I love Evitai think she's great! And this song is beautiful.. even though it was just in a movie. Thank you!!

Argentina ♥ ROCKS | Reviewer: rodri | 2/17/11

I did not understand well what "No Name" said. If someone could explain me what he wanted to say I really appreciate that. I only understand that que comparated Evita with the ..please explain me. I´m Argentinian too...

soy peronista | Reviewer: martin | 2/4/11

i love this song and noubody can crtisice evita and noting about the peronismo wich was the best goverment who was i this contry ,becouce was the onlyone that change things for good and made a prgress , so if someone wont to say somthing again peron evita please use the intert to search about this greated goverment that argentina had , and for who wrotte that peronistas are cover nazzies that is pure sheet and complete let me down as a argentine too !

you must be kidding | Reviewer: No Name | 8/6/10

Im argentinian too, and this is not about history, this is about politics, all the "peronistas" are covered nazis, they did awfull things to this country and their main mecanism to win elections was to gain the love from the poor people so they would vote for them.. yes, they started that political trend..and they were kinda nazis. if you're interested please research, if you're not then keep singing a song about someone who's reminded for what she did well and not for what she started

Evita Peron | Reviewer: Mayra Mejia | 7/16/10

Eva Peron known as the "Spiritual Leader of the Nation" was one of the greatest women
in Latin American history. She was an extraordinary young woman with a great passion for justice and freedom for her people; an undeniable warrior. She died of cancer at the tender age of 33 which was unfortunate. "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" was written for musical Evita Evita. A patriotic song for a true warrior. Amazing!

For Edward | Reviewer: Eva | 5/18/10

If you know the story of Evita then you'll get it. If you don't, then heres a quick summary. There is this girl named Eva Duarte, she lives in Argentina. She falls in love with Magaldi, and begs him to take her to Beunos Aries. There she dumps Magaldi, she dates a photographer just for photos, and a radio producer to get on the radio. She dumps them both. Then she meets her true love Juan Peron. He is in the army. She marries him soon and helps him win President of Argentina. Since she does the people of Argentina fall in love with her. She sings this song to the people of Argentina to express her joy. Also, what i think is that she's only doing that to get them to her side. Now to madonna. now don't get mad at me but, i think that madonna should stay in pop. she's a great singer but she isn't meant for musical theatre. The people of Argentina were very mad at the casting for their "Savior". they were insulted that Madonna was cast as Eva Peron. I don't think that when we think of Eva Peron, that we think of Madonna. I'm in a production of Evita and the woman that plays Eva Peron is WAYYY better than Madonna. Again, i'm not saying Madonna is a bad singer, i'm saying she should stick to pop.

my opinion | Reviewer: Mohamad El Dheiby | 3/29/10

The song is great, it's a fortune, I am arabic person from lebanon, since Madona sing it I started to be interrested more about argentena history, although I have a lot of comments about the singer and the language she sing it, but still it was amazing words and music

Somebody help me to explain it's background...... | Reviewer: Edward | 3/18/10

I would like to explain the background knowledge of the lyrics to almost forty teenagers within one week. I am a high school teacher. Is there anybody help me to know more about it?
Thank you for your help!

Sixes and Sevens | Reviewer: Sarsher | 2/26/10

To be "at sixes and sevens" is an English phrase and idiom, common in the United Kingdom. It is used to describe a state of confusion or disarray. The similar phrase "to set the world at six and seven", used by Geoffrey Chaucer, seems, from its context, to mean "to hazard the world" or "to risk one's life" Wikipedia

The song means something different to everybody. Song is just verse, like poetry and as a famous poet, Wordsworth I think, once said "I can't tell you what it means to the reader because to everybody it will mean something different. I did not write it for myself, I wrote it for the person reading it."

Don't Cry For Me Argentina- | Reviewer: Lucy | 2/27/10

I love it I love it I love it. Madonna did a good job in singing and in the part she played as Evita. I got so interested and I even researched about Eva Peron. There should be Evita II movie. What happened after her death? Anrew Lloyd Weber is a great composer and the lyrics are excellent. Tom Rice Did a good jo. I listen to this every dayyyyyyyyy