song for my bday | Reviewer: nyfa | 1/18/09

My ex recorded his voice singing this song. He have a very nice and sweet voice that really melted my heart..It was one of the best gift I've received during my birthday plus a huge teddy bear from him with a print "I Love you". Am happy because he's with someone now. :D

makes my heart ache | Reviewer: loovemenudo | 8/24/08

this song makes my heart ache, i miss this guy so much, i'm still in high school and he is too, and and he lives a few states away, and i just cant wait to see him again.
like no one loves each other like we do, thers just no way :]

First Love Never Stops | Reviewer: Joe Gasper | 3/23/08

This song is so much about my first love, Angela. They way we met, the early awkwardness of the new feelings, crazy in love. She'll always be a part of my heart. I'm sure I'm long out of her mind, but remembering her keeps me the hopeless romantic I am today. I know she's a beautiful mother now, and only the best for the rest of her life is what she deserves.

I Love you Kuneho | Reviewer: Steve | 3/7/08

I wonder how many people have this as their special song? I share it with my lover, my partner, my friend. We're sepaated by 10,000 miles, but I feel her beside me whenever I hear this song, and the pain of separtion goes away for a little while.

I love you Kuneho

crazy for u hOn..... | Reviewer: anne | 2/27/08

this kind of song for me is so really attaching.. It remind me for someone special,i really luv him.. I hope someday he realized that much!! how much i luv him the most... i luv him than he ever know!!! that someday he will realized, how much worth aq s knya... luv u hOn

it touched me | Reviewer: Rene Barrios | 1/29/08

its a classic....and only if you feel touched with that special feeling you have had..with that will know what im talking about..Nancy mi vida..espero te des cuenta que estoy loco por ti..and that everything that matters is our eyes looking at each other....! feel the environment..its full of magic when youre around...! you belong in my heart..not far away!!

Oh Georgie I Miss You So Bad | Reviewer: CariDee Van Teslem | 12/31/07

Georgie: If you read this, which I doubt, please know you're always gonna be "the one that I want", and even you're in Minesotta and I'm in Tennessee our hearts might always remain together in infinity. As you always said: "You have a hand, I have another, put them together and we have each other", you'll always have my hand, you know, so I hope someday I may be actually permitted to give it to you.

Sweet | Reviewer: The Green Reaper | 8/27/07

Madonna dedicated this song to "all the fathers out there" and to Guy her husband onstage on at least concert on the 2004 re-invention tour. Aww.

true love song! | Reviewer: lovely_rose | 8/17/07

ds song best describes me for my past bf...i'm crazy for him...until nw i still love him...luv u so much hon though you already have another gurl...i really miss your hugs and kisses...

First Love Song | Reviewer: Liv | 8/6/07

This song is just about the perfect way to sum up the feeling of that first experience with love. I sang this to my boyfriend at a karaoke bar and it was a total magic moment!! It's also great in "13 Going On Thirty" with Jennifer Garner!! Basically I just love this song!!