crazy in luv | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/10

i heard this song on the bus going to school today and i thought of the guy i liked. I luv him so much but im so afraid to tell him because i dont know if he likes me back. Im going crazy for him and whenever i see him everyone around me just disapears....i luv u dougie...forever and always <3

crazy for you | Reviewer: sambasivan srisailapathy | 4/27/10

one of the greatest hits of all times. The year 1980, the song , lyrics go well even to this day.
Those were the days when this song will create a thud in your heart. The slow melancholy with which Madonna has sung has send lullaby into the hearts who have loved their loved one and some who have lost them. A true tribute to love and Madonna

For Tony | Reviewer: love is beautilful:) | 12/26/09

everytime i hear this song i think of Tony he's so prefect I never felt like this before this feeling is sooo strong I'm crazy for him even were not dateing yet but i like him very much is the way he is it drives me crazy ....This is my favorite song :)

love is blind - crazy girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

this is words that made me understand the feelings i feel, but also knowing that the guy i'm madly in love with, will never be mine, although the feelings are mutual, it will be impossible. If we only realized this a few years ago. I like you stukkend happy bee

career guidance | Reviewer: agathati | 10/4/09

i have a mutual understnding with this i wish i was already able to have a bf.i love him so much.he played this at the career guidance in our school.but i was not able to watch him because of the stupid ICT where i was forced to participate.i love you reji.:)

First love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/09

I will forever think about my first love when I hear this song. I broke up with him and he called me several times that day and each time I answered the phone he played this. At the time I didn't care but now after 20+ I look back and wish I'd taken him back!

secret lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

I absolutely love this song and it is by far my favorite madonna song. When i hear it i think about all the loves i had, but now i think about this woman who im falling in love with but yet have never kissed. She is married and im sure she can feel the weight of my stare. I cant even describe my feelings for her. When i hear this song i think about dancing with her in a smokey bar her and i our bodies become one. Wish me luck.

My First Love Jen | Reviewer: | 8/23/09

We were in high school and together for only about a year and a half before college (which separated us). This was my song to you and the wonderful part about timeless music is that everytime I hear it on the radio I am brought back to all the very magical moments we spent together. That was over 22 years ago and I can still remember how "Soon we two were standing still in time" because that moment in time is triggered when this old school Madona song is played. Thanks Madona - for giving me that truly amazing gift.

every love i have had this song has always meant so much | Reviewer: julie | 8/14/09

my favorite line in the whole song is "slowly now we begin to move, every breath i'm deeper into you" wow what a great line and isn't so true, that when you are that in love with someone the whole world just seems to disappear.

for youu chinito =] | Reviewer: teddy bear =] | 2/22/09

i know its been quite awhile now. i was playing this on my guitar and i remember how i wanted to play it for yu but i was scared it wudnt sound as good as i wanted it to sound. anyways i will learn this and someday maybe ill play it perfectly. i miss you everyday , i know for sure i wont ever forget about us. ill always remember you always <3