good song | Reviewer: ~~~3||3~~~ | 6/11/07

this reminds me of the relationship i ahd with my ex boyfriend justin who im still in love with and i hope he knows that.
ill love you forver baby xxxxx

wonderful song | Reviewer: crazy4you | 3/23/07

this song makes me think of a thousand things....after 2 decades it still is the best of Madonna.

Such a beautiful song!!! :-D | Reviewer: ~ *AngelNSphuros* ~ | 3/15/07

This a kind of song that I would dedicate to someone very special to me (even though we have had our ups & downs, it goes for regardless, no matter what). He means the world to me. Just hope that he finds it in his heart [to want me the same way that I want him]. To need me the same way that I need him. I hope some day he realizes that [much], b'cuz I actually do want to be with him for the rest of my life! So, Jon (JMU, his initials), this song is for you, darlin'. I love you more than you know.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Eric Mahoney | 3/1/07

Recently i have become involved with a girl. Melissa is the best person that I have ever been with and this song sums up pretty well how we feel for each other.