Awesomeness. | Reviewer: ~We Die Young~ | 9/25/2007

Madina Lake are amazing. What Matthew and Nathan went through and overcame to form ML is so inspiring. The album is truly addictive and one of the best album's i've heard recently. Pandora and Stars are Incredible <3.

':.:' | Reviewer: mesmerized. | 9/7/2007

the song "one last kiss" in "the disappearance of adalia" and the one in "from them through us to you" are two different songs with different lyrics... but i only see one version here...

oh the envy!!!! | Reviewer: Nicole | 8/11/2007

I have to admit that i am very jelous that u guyz hav met nathan and the boyz.....i jus cant wait til september wen i c them at the waterfront....i've read reviewz....nd lets very lukin forward to hearin them perform true love and me vs. the world. Love 4eva.....xxxxxxxxxxxx

love madina lake | Reviewer: paige | 7/31/2007

these guys have really insporatinoal lyrics. i sadily havent met them yet but i hope 2 because im going 2 see them preforme with my chemical romance!i know not many people know about heem now but they have nothing but talent it wont be soon till they are huge!

bar fly, camden | Reviewer: ELAINE JONES | 7/28/2007

what a night! what a band! what a privilige to be there! still on a high a week later,will never forget that night and meeting such modest, gracious guys,dont think they realise just how talented and amazing they really are! madina lake, i loved you before... now i fall at your feet,you are truly heading for the stars!

abou the artist/band Mdina lake | Reviewer: leah | 6/9/2007

These guys are so amazing! i love every single one of there songs. i love telling people about Madina Lake who have never heard of them and falling in love with them. I meet them once and it is true you will never forget them.

Review for Madina Lake | Reviewer: Lisa | 5/16/2007

Just want to say that I love these guys. Not only is their music amazing but they have a strong message. If you ever get a chance to meet them, you will never forget them! They have a great energy.

love them | Reviewer: emily | 5/7/2007

i love madina lake. their music is awsome, every song is amazing! i love escape from here and one last kiss. i was lucky enough to meet matthew, nathan, mateo and dan and they are the nicest bunch of guys. they were so sweet. the album is amazing! if you like rock music you wil love madina lake.