mad season | Reviewer: jeanette | 5/20/14

Layne Staly was an amazing talent! Mike Mcready is a musical genius ! .I believe he is one of the greatest guitar player of all time! I just wish they had made more of their unique sounding music!

bleeding90days | Reviewer: storm | 9/28/13

I love my music from the 90's I remberer.
Mad Season, Alice n chains, we had good music.
Theses days rocked. Pearl Jam & Screaming Trees!
Yhe river of deciet.. I felt it. I felt them.. we had something
that said what we felt and thought. It was real. It was good... these
They at le as t were there.There was No such that thing as
Pussy boys or boy or girl bands. We were on to something. We had nothing else to lose.

long gone icon | Reviewer: ron hasek | 7/23/06

well i think that mad season had alot of great music left to write and i give the band and there cd 10 out of 10