what?!?! | Reviewer: k.b | 3/17/13

Did you really say the first white guy who can rap? I don't know where you live but I'm sure you have heard of Eminem.. Do you still stick to your story. I know you know who Eminem is so go listen to his sick lyrics and try to compare the two. No comparison these lyrics are lame And choppy. Not a good rapper in any form. The song is catchy And that's it .nothing like a lyrical mastermind.

Errors, cont. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/13

Velour jacket. Knee board. Ask him, can I. Up in her skirt. Pimped, shiiit, tricked by business. All pretty silly... And I think it says if I get cop'd in it I'm washing it.
Just tryin' to help...

Need to revise the lyrics | Reviewer: CaptainKnots | 3/12/13

He bought a knee board, not " e board".
Ica and the fringe are so damn faughsty should be "ice and the fringe are so damn frosty."

Those are just a few typos. Come on peeps, open your ears.

Could have been great.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/13

The beat and music are hoppin' but the lyrics suck! Aren't you guys intelligent enough to use a word that's longer than 4 letters (or a derivative of one)? It's good...but it could have been great!

Amazing | Reviewer: Haya | 2/9/13

This song, for many people especially, is so cathy. infact, i have it stuck in my head right now. First white guy i know who can actually rap. first time i heard this song i was like, this has to be a black dude. but i was wrong.

"come up" not "dolla" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/13

There are quite a few mistakes with the lyrics the most obvious one is in the chorus where he says "I-I-I'm huntin, lookin' for a come up" not "lookin for a dolla".
Another really obvious one besides a lot of the spelling is the "let's do some simple addition" not "edition"