MACHINE FUCKING HEAD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/2008

Machine "Fucking" Head uses great use of their talents and abilities towards making and producing their songs. The song "Days turn blue to gray" is a great song and has a deep meaning in it. The other song i would get everyone else to listen to is "Descend the Shades of Night" by Machine Head.

Must listen to | Reviewer: Darcie | 9/28/2007

...this song is so awesome...machine head has used a great tune and they always do with their songs...they have an interesting tune to each song and this song is very smart ='s a song that you would only truly know what it is about if you know what some words mean like doth & begat.

great | Reviewer: psycho | 4/17/2007

really this song deserve to be listened to coz the melody is fantastic and successfully mixed with lyrics

THIS SONG IS KICK ASS!!!! | Reviewer: Brittney | 1/15/2007

so basically everyone should listen to this song because it is amazing. The instrumental talent in this song is displayed greatly and the song also has a very deep meaning behind it which is really good too.