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Performed by MC Chris

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Excellent | Reviewer: Zkitzo Bizzare | 10/16/09

I saw him live, both in Iowa City and the Gathering of the Juggalos 2009 (please don't start anything.) and he was AMAZING. He performed this both times. It was better in Iowa City 'cause he didn't have anything flying at him, and he was on a smaller stage. I hope to see him again at future shows.

seriously | Reviewer: heather | 10/7/09

someone mentioned that it's "okay to smoke being pregnant." seriously? Why would you do that to your child. Shouldn't you let that be their decision when they're old enough. Shit, at least let them be born first!

MC Chris is EPIC! | Reviewer: TsengTsuzaki | 9/16/09

Let first say that this is one of my favorite songs by MC Chris, all of his nerdcore and non nerdcore music is the shit (he struggled with the genre for a bit cuz he didnt wanna belabels and stuck in one genre), and he even did a comedy tour with gamespots convention. PLus the fact that hes been in Sealab and ATHF make him funny as hell.

But all that aside I read like 30 comments saying shit about legalizing weed and shit. I say first off its about money, the govt wants to make the money AND look like they are doing us a service by jailing ppl for smoking a naturally growing plant, yet ppl can drink and smoke cigarettes (i do all three ahaha).

All that aside I say fuck it, if we reform the laws great! if not, I love pissing of faggot cops and lie spewing politicians by smoking weed against what they want daily. Fuck the govt ^_^

And also someone said something about not smoking weed during pregnancy, this is bullshit, yes cigs harm you, but i have researched in lots of medical documentationand they all say the same thing, its plausible for weed to affect your baby, but after lots of testing there is not positive correlation between and birth defects and the use of ganja during pregnancy. SO smoke the fuck up and be happy! ^_~

rofl Kock-in-Mouth Kings | Reviewer: Samhain | 8/29/09

Fuck the Cock-in-Mouth Kings, mc's music is so much better. At least he can write songs about subjects OTHER than Weed. A song to pack the pipe with is great don't get me wrong....but how many albums do you really need about weed? Plus I saw them twice (not by choice, I was supporting the other bands like Blaze La Coka Nostra Twiztid etc) and if you've seen one KMK show you've seen them all. "This song goes out to the weed smokers!" "This one's for the stoners!" "This one goes to all my stoner bitches!" "Let me see the lighters if you smoke weed!" Um I think we've established that everyone in the crowd smokes.... I've also seen mc Twice and he NEVER disappoints. Different Jokes, different songs, the man is hilarious and awesome, and he makes the crowd dance. What more could you ask for?

weeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: chris | 12/31/08

smoking zebb is a wonderful way of life...
it brings together people of all walks of life.
the point is... i think this song should be the official theme song for stoners all over the world. think about it, if that were to actually happen: we would be united in a way that exceeds that of what was felt at woodstock or beatlemania, if you don't get what i'm saying..
then you ain't baked yet.

Met him talked to him gave him a j | Reviewer: KellsBells | 11/20/08

AS many of you may know MC Chris was on Warped Tour '08.
After his amazing set, where he played this song (which in all honesty is one of my favorite Mc Chris songs) my friends and I went to his merch booth where he was signing shit. We waited until after it was clear and we went and meet him. He's hella chill. we kicked it with him for awhile and decided to give him one of the jamiacan gold nug joints that we had rolled and snuck in. haha he sure did like that.

also I just hit my pipe to this song :]

@ Special K | Reviewer: MoonlitNchangiN | 11/1/08

you don't want to legalize wiid, it'd be better to decriminalize it as it's been done in canada. yeah, sure it seems like a half-assed step towards what clearly seems logical--but it's the only feasible first step and you're talking leaps and bounds of increased liberties after pre-existing propositions like california's 215. either way... the biggest obstacle in getting mary j completely legalized is the "war on drugs" and the amount of money that generates. since wiid is still technically illegal and is a psychoactive by no small means it certainly fits the technical bill for ..(i hate to say it) the gateway drug ( other 'harder' illegal drugs). i think alcohol falls into a separate category because of it's niche being the one accepted drug and the fuss of it's previous prohibition. nonetheless, special k, what i'm trying to say is that the situation's complicated and it's all entirely due the greedy scrabble for money and permanent shares of such that exist only in big buck generators like...ooh, i hemp would knock cotton off the charts as well as many other products that we use for many if not a portion of all the things depended upon daily. it's sad...but then again.. revolution never was pretty =D

tears it up!!!

WTF!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/08

Hey "Mother of Five," What the fuck is wrong with you? Every idiot knows you don't smoke while you're pregnant because it stunts your unborn child's growth and can cause premature birth. It's not just smoking cigarettes, it's smoking anything. So if you ever become a mother of six, kindly refrain from smoking...dumbass.

I thank god 4 ppl lik him | Reviewer: Huntron 9000 | 11/21/07

Hey guys I too love this song and yes listenin 2 it flyin higher than eva b4 is fun real FUN!Do try at least on a weekly basis.

we know what mc means | Reviewer: Jim | 11/8/07

your retarded for even finding it necessary to tell these people what mc means... yes mc means master of ceremonies, but do you feel more comfortable calling him chris like you actually know him? or how bout its mc and we all know who they are referring to when they say mc? Yeah exactly, look at that, in trying to sound smarter, you in turn sounded more dumb =) k thxs bye

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