the legacy continues | Reviewer: stephanie spiteri | 7/19/07

it past 30 years scince th plane crash and even the pain and sorrows when you remember the love once go so badly i am a21 year old girl and i love lynyrd skynyrd,and every time i hear there songs i apriciate them more and more,the legacy will continues because the band members who died that's what they want,so continue this legacy until you die,i am so proud to be there fan baecause when iwas a little kid i didn,t heard them alot i start to hear properly when i was 16 and istart to read about how they stuggle and lots of sacrifices to achive there dream i start to appriciate them more and i conclude to say lynyrd skynyrd keep this legacy going because you are freebirds,and you make me feel so proud.

put together to quick | Reviewer: GREG | 6/12/07

the song saturday night special was on the album 'nuthin' fancy', not 'second helping'. i have been following the reformed band since 1987 and finally got a chance to meet them. they are all very humble and appreciative of their fan base. And they can still put on a great show!!!

best artist | Reviewer: Angel Larson | 5/7/07

he is the best rock artist EVER! i really hope that when i die and go to heaven i meet him!!

Only God knows what they could have been | Reviewer: Whitney | 9/18/04

Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the greatest bands ever! A few guys I met last year in school introduced me to them and I haven't stopped listening to them yet. They were my first concert i ever went to. Just listening to the music puts me in another place and time. It also makes me think of my friends who had the same kind of shaggy hair as the band. I love Lynyrd Skynyrd and i want to thank Dexter, Chuck and Tony for introducing them to me. I love you guys!