A little known fact | Reviewer: JVZ | 7/29/14

Just a few days before his death Ronnie was in a motel room watching the PTL Club (Jim and Tammy Faye) and called their prayer line and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Not A Fan | Reviewer: Mucous | 4/20/12

Never was a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. I am from Texas so don't stereotype me as being some inbred tobacco chewing Nascar kook racist, either. Skynyrd just never did it for me. They always sounded like a bunch of guys in a southern dive pool hall bar somewhere that wanted to start a fight with you for no reason. Their lyrics always seemed to embrace intolerant retro racist value systems and they never sounded like people that I would care to hang around with or associate with. Redneck rock just doesn't do it for me, it never has. People can listen to whatever they want to listen to, I don't care. If you want to listen to Freebird all day long over and over again, go ahead. Just don't count on me being there for very long.

when we were youg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/12

I go back in time to 74.Seen them 15 times over the years.they are the best. I rember the day I first heard them.I'm 55 and still rocking.Just seen them feb 11 Hard Rock Biloxi Great show.THANK YOU ALL.

Orange Park Florida | Reviewer: Robert | 1/6/12

I just want to say that Orange Park Florida will always have songs of the south embedded into their memories forever...... Skynyrd songs are and will be the only songs most played in Orange Park and Middleburg.... Ronnie I have many times said hello to you in Winn Dixie......... Dixie on my good friend.

DOCTOR'S INLET | Reviewer: JAMES | 1/4/12


Turn It Up Book | Reviewer: Ron Eckerman | 12/9/11

Turn It Up has just been released on Amazon and at the turnitupbook website. It is the story of the last two years of the band, and particularly the relationship between myself, the tour manager that hired the plane, and Ronnie Van Zant, my closest friend who died in the crash. It was a tragic moment in life, one that will haunt me to the end. It's taken me 34 years to gather the courage to tell this story, but I wanted to get it out before my time is up. A heartfelt and highly charged tale about life on the road and at home while managing the band.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was an iconic band, the definition of southern rock, with an uncanny ability to touch the lives of all who listened to their timeless music. This is the compelling story of the final years of Ronnie Van Zant's Lynyrd Skynyrd, and of the ironic events leading to the tragic plane crash, told in masterful fashion.

Readers have responded:

"Great read, learned the inside story on what it takes to roll a machine like Lynyrd Skynyrd. A story of friends and family!"

"This is truly an inside view of a world few can imagine, from the viewpoint of a man who's seen it all. Well-written and revealing, 'Turn It Up!' is truly a page turner; I couldn't put it down."

"... he makes us feel that we are right there with him, in the heart of the excitement and the belly of the chaos. Whew... what a ride!"

There's a new band in town. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

The Southern Rock Band, RAMBLER has now taken a place in Southern Rock history. A blend of awesome lyrics and unmatched musical talent is taking off like a wild fire. With copies of their album "First Things First" flying off the shelves and a second album in progress, they are sure to be the next Southern Rock stars. Keep your eyes open for their appearances, but hold on to your socks cause they will definitely blow them off!

AKICK ASS CONCERT | Reviewer: David Norman | 12/4/11

My wife and i are in our sixties and love skynyrd.We saw them a year ago in oklahoma and loved the show.I think Johnny,Gary,Ricky,and the guys are as great as the original band.Johnny is one hell of a front man-Long live the Skynrd Nation;

Skynyrd | Reviewer: Bernie | 11/20/11

THE total definition of "Southern Fried Rock", a sound, a time, and a mind set that defines the unique type of music started by The Allman Brothers Band, but perfected by Lynyrd Skynard. The "inter-play" with Blackfoot, .38 Special and others only reinforced the sound and meaning of the style of music coming from that part of this great country. As American as pure Country Music, BUT updated and crossing over to Rock. I will be a listener of Lynyrd Skynyrd forever.... I miss all the members now gone.

the 'Second Helping' is really 'Nuthin' Fancy' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

The BIOGRAPHY is nice and informative but the mention of their third album is incorrectly named in the bio as SECOND HELPING....It's mistakenly given credit for the album titled NUTHIN' FANCY. That's the one that has Saturday Night Special on it. I should know! It was my first Skynyrd LP. But as most people that are introduced to this genre of music will attest to, this was far from the last of my Skynyrd purchases. Too bad their lineup was destroyed in the crash, I sure wouldda liked to have heard Skynyrd as the music changed over the years and see how they/with songwriter Ronnie Van Zant would have altered their sound to have kept themselves relavent in the music industry.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is #1 | Reviewer: Eloy | 10/29/10

The best band ever. For all you LS fans, i recommend you buy their tribute DVD made in 1996. The old footage will absolutely blow you away! Make sure you see it in a big screen TV & turn it up real loud. The new LS band doesn't even come close to the original. Too bad that we will never know all of their awesome songs, yet to be born. The real band died on Oct.20, 1977.

God bless Ronnie.. | Reviewer: Jessica Hudson | 10/16/10

I just recently got really into Lynyrd Skynyrd. I wasn't even born when they created such classics as free bird and sweet home alabama. Thanks to the internet, I have discovered many more classic songs that aren't appreciated today (well at least they are by the true fans) Ronnie was definitely something special. What a great front man. He really sang with passion. I love it becase he didn't jumpt around all over the stage. He had amazing stage presence, and a lot of heart. It saddens me that he was taken so early. He could have done so much more. Even though I recently discovered how great LS was back then, I thinks they died along with Ronnie. It would have been incredible to grow up in that generation and to watch LS live.

GIMME BACK MY...... | Reviewer: Don Reynolds | 9/28/10

Lynyrd Skynrd! they were a band that would have been the best band to ever grace the stage. They were just starting to hit their stride when the accident happened. I agree with a few statements, Why is Allen and Gary and Steve never mentioned as great Axe men? Why is Ronnie not mentioned as one of the best song writers? I also know that Ronnie hated the term Southern Rock,to him it was just good old Rock and Roll. We can all argue all we want to but the fact is that even with this new line up with Johnny fronting the band and Ricky Medlock picking up for Allen it is not as good as the real deal! Johnny had a pretty good band back in the early 80s and we all know about Blackfoot and their kick butt sound and then with Hughie and the Oulaws all good bands in their own right do not equal Ronnie,Stevie,Cassie,Billy and Leon the Madhatter. But still we have to give props to the newer line up for keeping the sound of Lynyrd Sknyrd alive.
The Best way to explain it is with out Bono in Led Zep the soud is not the same. But we still listen on! I am not knocking Skynyrd just saying the are not the orginal Noble 5 or 1% of their hey-day I am 51 and I saw them too many times to count back in the day. So I know of what I speak.
I Have their last alumb with the flames bought it the day it was released!Sept 77
Yesterday's Skynyrd = the best ever
Today's Skynyrd = the best they can do!
Still entertaining.

Lynyrd Skynyrd | Reviewer: Zach Mitchell | 6/1/10

The best band the world has ever seen. They are so unappreciated it makes me fucking sick. All people know is "Freebird", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Saturday Night Special", "Gimmie Back My Bullets", and "What's Your Name". What about "Poison Whiskey", "I Need You", "On the Hunt", "I Got the Same Old Blues", and "Ain't No Good Life" (just to name a few)? All I hear about is Jimmy Page and Angus Young. What Allen Collins and Steve Gaines? I might as well stop typing now before I go into a page-long rant. I've spotted multiple errors in this so-called biography but one thing is for sure, "We can only dream of what they might have done..." Because at least I know, the difference between Lynyrd Skynyrd then and Lynyrd Skynyrd now, is a whole other universe. It isn't Lynyrd Skynyrd anymore, that band died on October 20th, 1977. God bless Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines, Allen Collins, Leon Wilkeson, and Billy Powell.

Skynyrd are real men | Reviewer: moonmac | 12/2/09

This country has become so pussified, I'm glad I can still hear real men play rock! Nowadays you don't know if your listening to a pole smoker or not! Even though I'm glad I'm from Chicago, I sometimes wish I would have been born on the west side of Jacksonville! The biggest reason I love LS is because Yuppies don't like them.