Killem Luda | Reviewer: ACe KuMz | 11/25/12

Yeah man I'm Ludas fan I'm goin bannanas with dis dude..I mean like iv been listernin to this dude ever since I was I'm 20 so do the math lol this dude is dope big up to him man keep up the good work bro

congratulations! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

all i really wanna say is congratulations!you are part of the people that made ATL's music company gow,also to your music company DTP,which i really respect due to its come up and struggle!big ups to you and ATL!duces

alexia | Reviewer: nigga waa | 10/13/07

i luv ludacris by hiz achivementz hez a somebody i luv him nd by da way hez sexii nd fine az hell nigga waa?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
hey mine fukk yea hahahaaaaaa

Impressed for Success | Reviewer: Tara Smith | 7/6/07

I am truly impressed about how Luda showed society that as a rapper he can make a transition from braids to clean cut, from rapping to a business man and also from rough rap lyrics to "content" in his music that sends messages to everyone listening. Luda is a very talented young man and rather the lyrics are hard core or sugar coated, its all real because he has overcome life's tribulations and sharing is experiences through music with the world. I say go Luda, do yo thang.

ludacris is ludacris | Reviewer: Donya | 6/28/07

ludacris is one of the best rappers aruond. wat ever he feels like making a song about that wat he does. if he wants to slap somebody that day thats wat he makes his song about. he just killin em out herre.

the best | Reviewer: frederik ostergaard | 4/28/07

hallo luda my name is frederik ostergaard and im from denmark in europa and you is my favorit artist and i feel you music you is so cool and my biggest dream is to be a rapper and doing shows with you and be signing and defjam (disturbing tha peace). on a danish homesite have i a ludacris club see you boiiA

i dig u so much | Reviewer: lebo.m | 4/28/07

i wanna know when r u cumin to south africa again cause u rock big time and im crazy in love with your "runaway love" song. big up crazy dude.

Baby marie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

ludacris you iz so fukin fyne i swear and your lyrics iz so fy!!!!!!!!!! Luda you on dat fy-fy shit 4real keep doin wat you do. Becuz of you i dun been stuck on rappin every since 5th grade and im in the 9th!!! hopefully we make it ( me and my group called D.T.O Dymez~Taken~Over) big like you did shawty deuses!!

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

Ludacris u have alot of talent. The song runaway love is the best. U seeem to be the caring type. That song touch me alot. I also love othr song like rollout and fantisy. Well cant wait to here more of your music. U r also realy hot. In moneymaker u killed it. Talk about hot u pulled it of total.

oh mi god! | Reviewer: fredah | 4/17/07

ludacris is the bomb, he rocks so much, i may be all the way in africa but that does not stop me from being a kick ass fan. I will beat the shit out of anyone who disses Ludacris.

educational background | Reviewer: ogundele iyiola | 4/17/07

luda's growing up days

hay | Reviewer: brittnee | 2/20/07

hay Ludacris you are so hot and i love your music it is so alwsome mY FAV song is runaway love
well better go

wat | Reviewer: sharay | 2/7/07

wat iz dat song call'd wit shawnna rapp'n da 1rst verse real fast den ludachris den twista an dey b lyke (its real real)

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/06

hey ludacris you are so fine well anyways i'm a big fan i got all of yo cds but you know what can't nobody out beat you in music well i love you talk later your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ludacris | Reviewer: Elijah | 12/4/06

You man your shit is fuckin insane man i may be some skinny white kid but i try and rap and when i look at your lyrics it fucking inspires me man so man dont ever give up that shit its fucking keeping us on the streets something to look up to