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Performed by Ludacris

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you guys are wrong | Reviewer: Jack | 12/18/08

I have the actual album and it says different lyrics as the third verse:

They say O'reilly don't like him
Oprah Won't invite him
The President denounced him
No One will Announce Him
Controversial Lyrics, like I'm crying for help
Very Talented but I should be ashamed of myself
But this is my art this is my music,
I'm speaking from the heart, press record and just lose it. Bite my tongue for no one, I put you on Blast, so all the news channels you can kiss my ass. And If I dish It I can take it, fix it if you break it, Can hit rock bottom and I'm still gonna make it, cause i'm a born hustla, natural survivor, seed of a gangsta, I put that on my father. Youtube or google me, turn it up and play it. cause many people think it, i just have the balls to say it. And risk losing everything I stand for the weak, plus I live for the freedom of speech.......

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