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Performed by Lucky Dube

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take it to jah who created you | Reviewer: condry mitileni | 4/4/09

u can feel that this world is not good for u to live in,but God has the solutions of all things people meet along the way,there is no healer like God but he dont have medical certificate,he is a judge but he dont LLB DEGREE,JAH IS ALL IN ONE .HE can deal with social issues but he dont have the qualifications for that,which means God is all in one. trust him in all situations u meet along the way of life.take every problems to him he will solve it to u as long as u dont in ur him,Even when Satan comes
With him demons,'Cause he said
Come to I with all thine sins
And I will wash away
All the impurities,Come to I with your problems
No problem too big or small
No one no one will be rejected
I' m your father the creater

"Lucky" i've learned a lot from you, rest in peace my legend.

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