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Prophet lucky dube lives on...R.I.P | Reviewer: Ikezu Emmanuel Miller | 10/24/13

Lucky dube is not just a Rastafarian,he's a prophet of God,a preacher of gospel,an embodiment 2's quite painful but i take solace in d fact dat he's resting in d right hand of Jah...fondly remenbered by ur track'IT'S NOT EASY'..I cant spend a day without dis track...R.I.P..BLESSED PROPHET LUCKY CHUKWUEMEKA DUBE...HE LIVE'S ON!...

he lives in our heart | Reviewer: Nedu | 10/26/13

we don't know eventually de enemy will stand aside and look. you are just sleeping and waitimg for de resuretion day.jay save your soul..till then good bye de sadest world i ve ever seen..hero never die'but they are comdoles to locky dube family " you don't have to cry 'but try to live a good live like that of lucky"so that you will see him in heaven.God bless you.but i can't hold my tears.

R.I.P lucky dube, king of regge | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/13

You are the best regge musician I ever seen or heard about, regge strong, Hold on,crazy world, me myself and I alone call u d best and father of REGGAE.


My tears 4 u (Lucky), not in vain | Reviewer: Golpana. Plateau (Jos) | 10/22/13

It was when i completed writen ma W.A.E.C in 2007 after a mnth dat i heard such a shockin news on d radio. I was not maself 4 som month over ur demised. Ma uncle Gaksuwe taught me how to listen to ur medicinal and soul feedin songs. Oh! I jast can't stop replayin "ding ding licky licky" "political parties" etc.. Indeed, u ar an icon. U've made an unwashable stain in ma heart. Peace be upon ur family, and hatred upon ur killers. Rest wit da Lord ma Mentor.

R.I.P | Reviewer: Alex Makasa | 10/19/13

Lucky Dube was like a father to me i listend to his music every time.You body is died but your words are still alive,you are still educating the world with your blessed words that were coming from your precious lips may almight Jah put you on his side because you wronged no one on earth R.I.P my dear brother no one is above you.Amen.

RESPECT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/13

Lucky Dube was not only a musical icon,but a philosopher.His death is a monumental loss to the world,especially we lovers of reggea music.May his soul rest in peace,while wishing the bodies,souls and spirit of his murderers eternal judgement.

Teach the World | Reviewer: Williams Young(Nigeria) | 10/18/13

Whot a World! Lucky was such a wonderful,creative creature of Jah.He impacted greatly to the entire world through his legacy(Music).His music is inspirational,motivational and historical.I always take solace in listening to the lyrics and rythms of his examplary teachings of his music.This, my valedictory epistle to a Great Legend and a Mighty Hero LUCKY DUBE ...Rest in Peace...

SLAVE | Reviewer: Paterson, Ebonyi state, Nigeria | 10/18/13

Lucky was second to none in Africa. My inspirator. He never lived to complete his mission, may be he would have visited Nigeria in one of his numerous tours. May you rest in the bosom of the Almighty while those who killed you will never know peace 4ever.

Rest in Peace Lucky Dube | Reviewer: james emmanuel | 10/18/13

In loving memory of King Of Reggae Lucky Dube anytime i remember u i cry like baby those u killed u will never have rest ur exit is painful we will miss u forever know truth in dis crazy world south African person why de u killed our Hero my legend you re death but ur legacy will live forever R I P LUCKY DUBE

Tribute to a Prophet | Reviewer: ANIETIE EKANEM | 10/17/13

Yes the say good people dont last long, To me Lucky philip dube is the greatest reggea prophet i have ever seen, maybe others were there befor him,but he is the best i have seen on earth. An inspirational and motivational doctor, A prophet, A Teacher, A brother, and A good are death but not gone. Cause anytime your song is being played you are remembered on Earth. Your legacy can never be wipe out forever.may those who kill you never see peace untill jesus christ comes. AMEN sleep on my Legend.

the lucky the legend is gone,17,10,2013 | Reviewer: nelson kanyine | 10/17/13

lucky dube i wil never 4get u in my life ,i remember when u came 2uganda,the love i had 4u and the pain i stil hav on my heart i think God should 4give those who kild u becouse its like they didnt know the person they were in peace

God will judge | Reviewer: ENO | 10/13/13

Those that killed the man lucky who makes people to always feel hapy whenever they listen to his noble songs shall never have peace and their family.O my dear Lucky dube may ur soul rest in perfect peace.Amen.

The One | Reviewer: John | 10/12/13

Tears come down my face when I remember that Lucky dube wil never release new albums again. But no problems bc i know Jah lives nd Rastas never die. The heartless murderers wil never know peace! Jah Rastafari save I & I.

Remyjess lagos. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/13

''How long shall dey kill our prophet while we stand aside and look''? The above were marly's extract by dube in the victims song, yet he fell victim to the bomboklacks. R.i.P You lives on in our heart.;-(

Prayer for the soul RIP lucky dube | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/13

Praised be to jah for he has said to me DON'T CRY about the CRAZY WORLD for the WAR AND CRIME you will never be a VICTIM or a PRISONER for you always THINK ABOUT CHILDREN who are SLAVE may JAH SLAVE US
THE WAY IT IS the SOUL TAKER one day will be in the HOUSE OF EXILE and will be like a SLEEPING DOGGS of DIFFERENT COLOUR and will say GOD BLESS WOMAN but some WOMEN will say I WANNA KNOW LOVE from the TAXMAN
ooooo what a CRAZY WORLD am going BACK TO MY ROOT for jah has say that REAP WHAT YOU SOW, so for the FREEDOM FIGHTER and those that believe in WOMEN is UP WITH HOPE, lord LEADS US INTO THE NEW PREJECT so that we will be AS ONE for REGGEA IS STRONG.
this is the RASTERMANS PRAYER............ AMEN

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