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The truth speaker | Reviewer: Mpendulo mpofana | 11/14/13

Lucky dube was my evrythng kwabab'hlungu kim uma ehamba early kanjeya..i enjoyd ur Good girl track..ngyathemba ukt uSHEMBE waykhumbula imsebenz yakho emihle wase uyalbona izulu..ngyak'khumbula( mpendulo)

PITAH essosslam valentin | Reviewer: valentin | 11/14/13

ohhhhhhh what a good preacher man talks about god, what a preacher man talks about nature, what a preacher man talks about life..... ohhhhhh lucky DUBE i know very late but nothing can't bring you back but we your fans we'll always pray for your soul to be in peace.......

my tear's 4 u daddy (lucky) we all miss u. Kris frm (nigeria,abia state) | Reviewer: kris | 11/12/13

daddy luck every day of my life i keep on hearin ur tracks.. U were all i have in reggae nw u re no more reggae is nt existing. The is ur track dat u said "no body cn stop reggae" mentor! Nw u re no more reggae have being stoped.. I miss u so much,nt only me people all over d world. May ur soul rest in peace amen! Frm Kris.

We'll Never Stop To Remember U | Reviewer: Stecy Severin | 11/10/13

More Tim I feel You Are 2gether With Us In Ze World If I Listerng Ur Songs,R.I.P King Of Ze Kings In Any Type Of Music And Ur Music Will Continue To Educate In All Generations And I Think No One Can Happen Like U, Ur Music Touching Ze Whole Word , We Loved Him But Our God Loved Him More R.I.P.


Am speechless 7 years down the road after the brutal death of my king of everything.the assailant of lucky made the all world annoyed, how could you shoot lucky and tell the world that u mistake him for a Nigerian? Even if he was,what justification do you have to kill someone simply bse he or she is a NIGERIAN?

Rip my mentor | Reviewer: freeman | 11/7/13

it hurts me most wen great pple who i wish 2 c die befor i gaind freedom. But neva d lest, i stll use u music 2 keep my life going on. Any where u are 2 day, i'll stll gve u ma RISPECT 4 d role u've played in my life.

Tee jay. Accra-Ghana west africa. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/13

Ooooooooh my God.sum times i sit on the river side nd ask my slf wy do good people die so early nd the wicked ones still alive.i cnt live a day wit out listening to his

I wil always remember u dube as u said | Reviewer: bentry mulenga | 11/4/13

it rely pains me a lot coz have never seen such a musician like lucky dube i do hope that u are in heven recording more songs 4 us belivers if God can 4give u if u do long 2 any 1 and may the lord purnish those pipo see u dube may your saw rest in peace

Think about d children | Reviewer: Abayo Pam Samuel (Plateau Jos) | 11/2/13

Lucky, i knew if u can return 2 dis sinful world again u wil only ask god 2 4give ur killers bcos dat is what u re. A humble man,a peace maker & a truth speaker.R.I.P my legend till we meet 2 dpart no more. Abayo vom plateau state.

Think about d children | Reviewer: Abayo Pam Samuel (Plateau Jos) | 11/2/13

Lucky, u re indeed more than a musician.u were a phylosopher,a preacher man & a prophet.if really we do a gud wrk like dat 1 of urs & kep a legacy like urs indeed we wil meet 2 dpart no more.I always feel fresh pain whenever i listen 2 ur musik.R.I.P d greatest 4 ur killers,even if heaven is been guarantee free of charge those fools ve no rooms 4 their family ur innocent blood has been stained on dem they wil not knw peacb.they wil live in argony & pains until d end of age

Rest in peace | Reviewer: Shisana chris abia | 11/2/13

Rest in peace mr lucky.i will always remember u wth all the time.your music is very powerful & injoyable to evry heaven we are going to see each other.u left the country with no apartheid mean while black and white people are now joined together as one..

Hope you Are in Heaven | Reviewer: Holyboy | 10/29/13

Its unfortunate evil men forced you out of this world this early. I enjoyed your Good Girl track so much. Is Lucky a firm believer in Christ Jesus? If not am afraid he now burn in an unquenchable fire but If he is i will certainly see him in heaven. Good night Dube.


I like Mr.Dube and the work in did in His Music. He really did a commendable job & if a t all He was alive, I would have wished that United Nations (UN) to reward him. His words in his music are really & touching. It is unfortunate that we can not see him again in his work of music but his music last forever. The murderers who killed him will be brought to judgement when our Almighty God will come to take us to Heave.Anyway I really Love his Music & I will never be bored with it forever.

The Man The Music | Reviewer: M Jones-Sene | 10/25/13

It's sad that a man that enjoyed music soooo much, had to leave us so soon. Lucky songs is full of everyday life. i love his music, i quote him often because his words are reality. i'll say Lucky Dube wrote a song about that. my heart is heavy at times because of the senseless way he was taken from this world.Rest in peace Lucky we'll always Remember YOU!!!!!!

Prophet lucky dube lives on...R.I.P | Reviewer: Ikezu Emmanuel Miller | 10/24/13

Lucky dube is not just a Rastafarian,he's a prophet of God,a preacher of gospel,an embodiment 2's quite painful but i take solace in d fact dat he's resting in d right hand of Jah...fondly remenbered by ur track'IT'S NOT EASY'..I cant spend a day without dis track...R.I.P..BLESSED PROPHET LUCKY CHUKWUEMEKA DUBE...HE LIVE'S ON!...

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