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R.I.P. DUBE. | Reviewer: Steco da Great | 7/7/11

Dube, da news of ur demis came to me like a bomb, I feel da pain every day in my heart. Jah bless ur family man and keep dem save. Da wicked have taken u away but dem cannot take away da memories u left behind. Rest in peace man.

where are the prophets. | Reviewer: chukwuma charles | 7/4/11

Bob marley asked how long shal they kill our prophets while we stand aside & look, we cant 4get John the baptist, Jesus christ, the apostles, the matyrs, Marcus Garvey, Leonard P Howel ( the foundin father of Rastas), Bob marley, Peter tosh, lucky dube these people suffered because of truth & if u stand 4 the truth u wil always stand alone dats wat u said lucky. U evn said that u risk ur life in the track together as one cos u think d oppresors gona com 4 u. In ur reggae strong track u said dat they ve tried 2 dstroy it many yrs ago by kilin & dstroyin d prophets of reggae bt no mater wat do nobody can stop it cos its strong. Nowadays musicians knows only love song but u gave us the meaning of music, St Lucky dube do u know dat evry time that i play it a babylom a wish me a fe dead.

ma role mentor | Reviewer: proxpa ifineyi sleem | 7/1/11

it paind me deep me insyd wen i hrd d news,its bin years nw bt am findn it hard 2 4get u..ur music is an inspiration 2 ma lyf..wen am sa,tracks/hold on,its nt easy,big boiz dnt cry,litle hero,rastaz neva die /makes me in peace ma mentor_man of truth

Wishn the best 2 lucky s family | Reviewer: Kapa kalvin | 6/28/11

R.I.P lucky dube 2 me u wl always b da bst reggae music artist produced,4rm me i wl mic u n am listen 2 reaggae music everyday nd it makes me remember da best abt da grt da bst 2 hs family

Prince CB | Reviewer: Christopher prince | 6/18/11

Oh legend,great legend.i was broken into pieces wen i had u were gone,i hope it was a dream but lately discoverd it was a reality.i fell in love with ur track "HOUSE OF EXILE" and aspire to be like u but unfotunately death snach u off my parm.though u are gone but ur work await to guild and make me the legend after you.JAH bless ur family.(R.I.P.)

who i which you are still alive........ | Reviewer: rattydoggy,,,,young prophet | 6/16/11

Lucky Dube is the one whom i listen to his message and i started moving into ragga,,your been out is really for i to sing out my own messages,,, i told you one thing that the world most know that the leaders knows about your death! for it pains me when i remember that you are no more.. but i will send the message to the world soon as you asked i to do when you are no more ...i will keep singing till my hour come... all i talked about you been there as a father of the day one my wedding day is really lost but i know that on that day ,, your spirit most be there ,,,,, for your sick i moved into Rastafarian movement ,,, and now i had (22)writing track with i trying to make it out to the world ,,,,,,,,,i can never forget about (soul taker) stand for i!!!, for Jah love will always be the key to win the world evil leaders..

Respect | Reviewer: Amos Man Ladagu | 6/17/11

Dube, i never let a day pass without looking at some perfect work of art, hearing some great piece of your raggae musics. There are quite wonderful. May good God protect your family. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

RIP | Reviewer: imafidon ogie | 6/7/11

lucky so i wil never see u again.i stil believe u re alive.ur memories wil continue to reign in my heart u are a legend a great prophet sent by teach us hw to treat everybody as one.i cried i wept.hw wish my tears can bring u bck.u wil always be my mentoring. remember me in whr ever u re i luv u dube.i miss u.may ur soul rest in perfect peace (AMEN) am imafidon ogie frm Benin



Rastas' never vie, big bwoyz don't cry, bt i cry, i never think of departing day, bt it occure while i've no option dan obey. | Reviewer: Elias emmanuel chidube | 6/7/11

Despite been talented to be a Rastaman. Lucky dube, is my masta. Dt i am who i am tday is lucky. He is d one who convinced me to say d truet. Lv my nebor as my self n to feel 4 evrybdy. Dt is why i say in track of one my unborn album: i never thnk of a seperation day bt it occures y i've no option dan to say goodbye. Even as i am wreting ds i am crying cuse my master is gone. N there is no one 2 teach me n d world. Bt pray 4 me 2 be a gud messeger lyk lucky dube. The corpse of lucky is gone, bt his msg being d lucky him self reign. Dt is why Rastas' said Rastaman never die. Taking alkoholic smoking carriying gal up n down is d right way of Rastafarian. Jarastafri ,yuh knu lucky isa di ryti man inna di world. Mi fiil cum pray let Jah grant di piica of lucky inna di ryti kingdom of i. JAH livet. One luva 4rm Rasta C Dube.

Lucky dube is prophet who message people true music. A st. So far | Reviewer: Aloghene joseph | 5/30/11

Lucky dube is a legend of the world musician, a man of reality. When i was still a kid, my elder bros always played reggae songs. But 1 day i ask him y he always love hearing reggae songs,but he reply to me dat reggae is a song of reality. I grow up to understand lucky dube song mostly . It make my me cry anytime i hear is songs "prisioner" it give me hope, determination, dreams will surely come true has luck dube.rember who u are. May he so R.I.P by GOD grace (amen).

Where are Ras Dube juniors? | Reviewer: Kachabachaba "ghachax" | 5/27/11

I'm young man who is addicted to Ras Dube music. And enjoy every song he sing. I'm suprised about what is happening in lucky Dube's home( South Africa). It seems like young boys of SA do not care about what the victim says about school. Those boyz are abusing drugs such as alcohol, mandrugs, nyaope, cocaine etc. and other benzine derivatves. Why don't we abuse a key,education? I like Lucky Dube's words "When it comes to being Rasta, I say if 'Rasta' means smoking ganja and . . . going around shouting 'Jah Rastafari!', then I am not Rasta. But if it means fighting for justice, fighting for togetherness, the oneness, the love and brotherhood, then yes, I am Rasta."

My dream did not come true,i guess | Reviewer: siyanda | 5/23/11

As a young boy,i always had a dream that oneday i wil get a chance to attend at least one of luckys live concert,i cnt blv that cant happen.lucky u were,are and always b the best in da world at wat u do no1 cn match u.

Gods sent 1 | Reviewer: Peter | 5/7/11

I gues he has acomplish his mission on earth. He is the only musician on earth that preachs the reality about life. He is dead but still alive. ..........Peter, in Abuja Nigeria.........

i miss u lucky dube always and for ever | Reviewer: JHONNY CORPUS | 5/4/11

there will never be nomore artist like lucky dube he will live for ever in my heart i always wait for ur release album and since u gone i feel that pease of my heart gone u are the best and my people from san andres island will always love u thank u lord for have someone like lucky dube ur misic will keep on touching haert love and recpect

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