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Luc Dubie was a man hwo delivered true message to the word: | Reviewer: Isom Meanwaye | 7/25/10

Lucky Dubie was a legend who delivered tue message to the world about what was going on and is still going on in today,s word, imiss him a lots a well as the whole world do. Obviousely i don,t no if it was his time to die that particular day, i don,t believe that people can,t die before their time,i don,t no if i am right but thisis what i think. I just want to say may his soul rest in perfectual peace and that one day we will meet again but i don,t no when and where that will be. But my qestion here is why did he had to die that way?

He was a Legend ! | Reviewer: Fademi Gbenga | 6/27/10

Lucky Dube happened to be the only International Reggae Artiste known for great acceptance when it comes to Ragga music from Africa.Lucky's music is loaded with powerful instrumentation,message,inspirational voice and to cap it all,good voice.It was very painful losing him at the unriped age.Having another musician with Lucky's style could take decade. Rest in bossom of the JAH !

a world teacher in deed,more love and respect for you | Reviewer: dee | 6/27/10

for long time ilistend to reggae music,but the one that has touched me so much and made since to me in many ways is by Lucky Dube,my neighbores have even learned to accept my habit of only playing your music,you will always be the best,as you sang it TAKE IT TO JAA i have learnt to do that,thanks for the messege not forgetting HOLD ON for sure as you sang and said he who laughs last laughs the best am sure one day it will be so for me,we miss you so much and will always love you

the best way to fell alright | Reviewer: iykotomo | 6/5/10

In the world of music they are only 2 name there ,LUCKY DUBE and others,if you dont play the song of this legend before the days runs out u cant sleep well,the singer is gone but he left a marvelous hing for us all to share,how i wish life have spear or can be replaced many are willing to die for him to live,REST MY HERO - the legend,

He mean so much in the world to me | Reviewer: Ophelia | 5/30/10

The at mosphdere became weird when i heard the sudden death of lucky dube.his song meant a lot 2 me especially back to my foot , blessing is the hand of giving,reggae is strong and i've got u baby.his talks were inspirational and also motivative,i loved him so much.MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.,.....,........,....from ghana

A legend gone forever. | Reviewer: Jacob | 5/12/10

When a true legend is gone his memory forever remain, lucky dube is that one legend whom by his message of song bring peace, unity,love and respect to all who listen, his dead is painful but his memory will ever remain forever, peace to his soul Amen.

My Favourate Raggae Artist | Reviewer: Ken Malalo | 5/10/10

Since i was the child, my only favourate raggae artis is Lucky Dube. Your songs is all about real life situations. Meaning by listening to the words of your songs it give me a message about who Iam, giving inspirations, what and how i can do, act,or live as a human being compare with other reggae artis. My bro, lucky Dube i think, there will be no other reggare artis will be like you or replacing You...God grant this best raggae talent to only one of the continent, African and out from the whole of africa,only to the South,and out of midist of witmen, to a Black man, who rise from its feets from his raggare carrier as an international singer world wide....receiving many awards from his performance....The world are to jourlous..instead of prasing you, the struct you down,not by the rebels of the South bole but of the north pole, particulary,from the South of the country you are originated from and which you have famously brother Lucky Dube even though you have gone, your name will be popular and supreme for many years to whole of the earth..I really felt sorry and cry for you from the time I hear your loss. Eventhough you have died you'll still my favourate raggae artist...Your oldest, older, old and recent album are bought and everytime i watch and hear makes me recall back to your existence on earth...anywhere, despite of the down hearted we've got about our brother Lucky Dube, there is still a biblical assurance to all human beings that describe death as a sleep..and if he had his life perfect (confessed)during the portion of minutes or seconds before he closes his eyes then he's not not only gaining a reggae victory on earth by eternal victory in heaven with God our creator ready to meet with jesus at the his unexpected returns (second coming). Rember the thifts on the cross hunging on the cross..some of fews minutes or second before he closes his eyes, he admits himself as a robber or thef but confess at the time to Jesus...and in respond Jesus said today you will be in Paridise with remember we are foreigners to this earth...if we tried to make us famous... but remember this would be for a short period of time...God will destroy this earth with keep prepare to meet the Jesus the King of kings, son of God in his soon return (second coming).God pless you all..

It waz had 4 me to believe. | Reviewer: Nwafor Onyeka. | 5/11/10

Woke up one morning and heard that my best ragea star has died.At first,i found it very difficult to believe,but i later rialized that it's true.It waz realy painful,i dont realy know why good people die young while the bad ones live long?i pray that God punish doz who killed Lucky and may they never know peace through out their stay on earth,and may they also die premature and shamful death,amen.i miss you Lucky Dube,may your soul rest in peace[R.i.p].Amen.

The man of d world | Reviewer: Lukman | 5/7/10

The first day i heard mr dube's music,i've got u.i feel am ontop of d world coz whenever i feel lonely,i play d songs and it droves me comeback 2 who i am.respect,loyal,to u any where u are.when i heard d death of my bro.i felt so crazy and i keep on saying nomore ragae again bcos d only man who can change u is deat.i love u so in peace bro

MY BROTHER LUCKY IS NO MORE. | Reviewer: DanSia | 5/9/10

What a crazy world we now live in! My Dube met his untimely death @ gunpoint orchestrated by selfish vagabonds with no human sympathy. Weep no more LUCKY, may your soul R.I.P.
From your younger bro. in GHANA.

teach the world | Reviewer: Thaddeus from Nigerian | 5/3/10

i love lucky dube more than my parent, no wonder the bible said we are in the wicked world, what did luck do or did to deserve this kid of dead like goat, a man of masses, a man of suplicity, senior avocate of the masses, i am loyal to you ever u are no more, if soul can be exchange i would have do that for u and just for u to live on this earth, your music as create a room in heart since i was growing up till,the day he was killed i cried for the hole day and i cant eat a single food, may the lord grant u mercy and grace and i knw u re in the right side of God almighty till we shall meet again. may your sweet gentle soul rest in prefect peace!

U're my teacher 4life | Reviewer: Santos.E.Adams | 4/22/10

The World is full of jealousy.I felt my spirit going down wen i heard my PROPHET was shot dead.What did he do to deserve dat death.He is a man of all.I can never ever forget you Lucky.I love u and your music so much,i see u as my mentor each time i lose hope.Ur music is a source of inspiration to me.Adieu my Father in inspiration...

A legend has gone | Reviewer: Egbugo juliet | 4/20/10

Lucky the man i luv so much, d only musician dat taught like a priest.d man dat touch a broken heart § give it hope.d man who advice everyone though his music;i can't 4get d track prisoner§ it nt easy.great man,it hurt 2 lose u but one thing is sure u are in d palace of d almigthy God.ADIUE TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

A legend has gone | Reviewer: Egbugo juliet | 4/20/10

It is very hurtin 2 hear dat my lucky, my teacher § my precher is no more,it is too hard 2 lose a great man like you,who will give me al his fatherly § motherly advice?I can't 4get d track It' nt easy § presioner. who will preach 2 me in time of difficulty.I miss u my teacher.ADIEU TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

TRUE THAT LUCKY | Reviewer: gordon | 4/17/10

The first i had your music, i was amazed by true talent this bro, had you have touched the reggae culture movmement the music as whole for good people your music lives on man GOD knows why you had go i miss you bro man. thanks a million for keeping it real.

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