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..unforgotten.. | Reviewer: angela | 11/30/08

days, months and years go by without you, but you are not moving away, because you are not are just one step in front of us. never ending thanks to God for that moment i heard your music for the first time! your sweet melodies and rhythms, your wise and warm hearded lyrics accompanied me from that time,showed me the right way and are with me, will be with me until my last breath...thank you, my brother, my high respected and beloved mentor, my prophet! love you forever! rest in heavenly perfect peace...and please forgive me my tears, i'm just human, and sometimes that pain to must live in a world without you is overwhelming me..

we remember you """""""" | Reviewer: tito nzwili | 11/19/08

its long time since you left but all you in our heart still and you did like a man and you all bothered humanity ,brotherhood,freedom and love ,it was your day and no one will ferget what you brought happiness to earth

rest in peace brother

thanx to lucky | Reviewer: patricia | 11/19/08

Lucky you name sounds great things and for sure you did something great through your songs and i love them so much.May Almighty God rest you in peace and we shall meet one day in spirit.Congratulaton to the spirit wherever you are.

son of JAH RASTAFARI | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/08

as much as i shed tears for your going i know JAH took you away from this life for a reason. i give thanks for your spiritual input into this world and that i was able to see you when you toured england you are greatly missed along with all the other prophets singing JAHs message and about life. you will never be forgotten i hope if JAH willing i see you in zion where i know your reasoning with the elders JAH bless and i know another will rise out of Africa with the message from God. watch over us all ye prophets. one love JAH RASTAFARI SELASSIE I

my inspiration | Reviewer: the baajcam | 10/24/08

Humanity has always make a black man the most eligable race in the world,just that the africans are sometimes too blind to see this but Luky dube was an epitom of that eligibility.
thanks my brother
rest in peace.

MY MENTOR | Reviewer: ARROW | 10/16/08

lucky is a man i will never foget about till the end of my life.he is my metor and i thank God for such a man who has make a grate impact my life with his music.i discover reggae at the age of 8 and lucky at 10, and from then i have never go through my day without Lucky's music. in my world Lucky is alive.


Its one year now and still his songs are still hitting.As we pay our tributes to DUBE this week,i would ask people to stop war&crime lets fight it down as he was urging us in his song WAR AND CRIME we should remember that we are always the victims.BIG RESPECT ALL THA TIME

Dube: The Fallen Artist | Reviewer: Eric Njinuwo | 10/14/08

It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that Dube was no more until when I saw him being lowered into his tomb.In my opinion, he played a significant role through his tracks to end the practice of Apartheid in South Africa. In fact, he remain the most inspired artist that the continent of Africa has ever had.His messages just like those of William Shakespear and Bob Marley remain timeless and universal.
May his soul RIP

sadly missed... Rest In Peace | Reviewer: Aisea.K | 9/24/08

Thankx man for all those lovely songs u sang. The messages made me able to live each day in peace knowing what you stood for. Although it still hard to believe that I wont hear or see you live again in concert know that your songs will always be alive and running true in my blood...
True follower from Fiji

Reggae Never Dies
Rest In Peace
My brother

i cry river | Reviewer: winny lino | 9/4/08

i cant beleave that ur not in this world, those who have killed will go to the hell... you are still in ma heart lucky dube nomatter wat we will meet one dai... whenever i listen to ur music ma heart jst follow like a water which is following from ocean ur music has strong meaning.

love ya always

swear dat u re still with us lion | Reviewer: valentine | 8/31/08

only his body has been buried but if you try to observe deeply his songs are interesting more and more people so he is there included me.i really thank god who had given us that special person and tank be to him again coz he knows why he took the lion far from this world of problems so dear dube's funz never dare to say that you love him without aplicating his message that will be hypocrisy and dishonor to him thus we shall beter our lovely AFRICA <<we'll be missing u big man>>

ONE LOVE | Reviewer: joe umeh | 7/16/08

when i had this i feel so bad but i say is how JAH want it to be
we can say any thing more but u say it all wat arazy world we are living so may ur soul rest in inner pats of d most high JAH RASTARFARI

Lillian Machingura | Reviewer: Lillian Machingura | 7/10/08

You always reminded me of my late mom. The day i heard you had been shot brought back the bad memories of how i am now motherless. She was your gretest fan and listening to your music reminded me of how we used to sing along to your songs whilst teaching me how to cook. I will always love your music even though you are gone. You are my greatest artist and i will always be your greatest fan even after death.Heaven is for the good so be happy there but say hi to my mom coz i know she will recognise you there. Peace

THE INREPLACEABLE ICON OF ROOT REGGAE | Reviewer: Success O. G. Onoja | 7/6/08

He was somebody I cherish listening to and derived alot of life philosopher and life reality and above all he gave hope when I almost lost all. I belief that JAH knows why he was taken when he did but his memories will remain in my heart for God knows how.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Augustine Musulwa | 7/2/08

It was very difficult to accept that you were gone. You wrote the best music I ever listened to and I cherish every record that I have in my library. I hope that you'll continue teaching and entertaining us even in your new dwelling place. May you live in us forever. Ciao.

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