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Reggae Continuation | Reviewer: Domingos N. Phumulo | 10/21/09

I dont really understand why such people die. He has motivated me and, now I can say that one day in my life I will be a successful reggae musician just to continue from where he has stop.

Domingos Nalilungue Dois Phumulo writting from angola - Luena, Moxico Province.

tears that will never stop[ | Reviewer: Stanley Nkwocha | 10/15/09

I go about wiht your picture in my body, soul and spirit wishing I saw you face to face to tell you how much you've contributed in my life through your courageous words.
may your soul rest in the perfect presence of JAH.peace.

MISS AN ICON! HE'S REALLY BORN TO SUFFER! | Reviewer: Elvis A. Adejumo | 9/30/09

I cant just stop playing his music daily; Cos his spirit live's 4rever within my home and enviroment.I will always miss U, Love You In Million Folds.Lucky Boy Sweat Dreamz!
Prince Elvis Adejumo
Ondo state, Nigeria.

Death is a begining to new Life for the ritheous | Reviewer: Henry Acidri | 10/1/09

For its said,"Happy are those who believe. theirs is an ever lasting kingdom".
Lucky Dube had his thoughts,words and acts in harmoney. He believed in unity of hearts and souls. He Loved and he was Loved by those around him. The main reason we exist is to show God's goodness to others and he totally dedicated his life for this.
May you be rewarded by the Almighty God, now that you are gone.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Henry Acidri from Uganda.

I can stop crying | Reviewer: Romeo Canihno | 9/22/09

it was a shock for after hearing the bad news about my Idol ;realy I can't stop crying because I LOVE HIS MUSIC so much and Lucky himself ...MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE ....All the way from Ghana..

YOU'LL EVER REMAIN A HERO | Reviewer: Idorenyin Williams | 8/26/09

You changed lifes. You created impact. An avid supporter of the stage. I got d news of ur departure in Nija but was unmoved cos I know u are going 2 meet ur creator - God. You are the embodiment of the African dream. Sleep on Man. ADIEU!

my lucky dube's soul rest in peace | Reviewer: urchman | 7/20/09

you are my mentor and my favorite in all kinds of music.i love you but God loves you more.please,i want the address of lucky dube and his children's mobile so that i can communicate and see what i can do for my mentor now that he is no more.

Another Raggae legend wasted | Reviewer: Agwegiokhe Patrick | 7/9/09

Each time I play his music, I feel sad that another legend has been wasted again. He caught my heart with his music in 1986, and ever since then, I have not ceased to be his fan/fanatic. I cried on the I received the news of his death through a text sent to me by a close friend. Well, like they say, God giveth and God taketh.

May his soul rest in perfect peace, till we meet to part no more.

Agwegiokhe Patrick

if i can get those that are invoved | Reviewer: IKENNA ONYIA | 6/25/09

i grew up i started here n about lucky dube infact his my best artist,when ever i here any of his song it passes a message to me,all his songs has different meaning and message.what can we do to those that is involved in this act ? i cause thier generation and genertion next of the people good things can never see thier families,may his soul and soul of my mum and those who rest in the Lord rest in the perfect peace,Amen

Righteous War is On. | Reviewer: Soul | 6/17/09

Tears keep on flowing at every thought of your greatness, that Lucifer cometh through a distorted soul to taketh a hero like you our souls will not rest but wedge this righteous war against the bloody souls that destroyed your life, we know you are in Jah Kingdom.This time marks the beginning of the righteous war against babylon and all evil souls whose intention is to destroy consciousness of good will, get ready for we will destroy babylonians(evil souls) forever,this is our promise to you," Good will win over evil," get ready for your end approaches or get changed for your survival.Rasta rise and see evil burning our castles, rise up Rasta for your anger rises only in righteousness, not to destroy but to save and protect the consciousness of love,peace and harmony.May your soul Rest in Peace and Harmony Lucky!!

together as one | Reviewer: Vincent E Okolo | 6/11/09

It will never be well with people tha kill you lucky ,but your memory will forever be in my heart till death , you are not only a musician but also a consoller becuase each time I listen to track "Blessed is the hand that giveth " I always the days of suffering .Dube may your soul rest in perfect peace we all your fans regrets your death EZE NIG ARMY.

There is no friend till the end of time | Reviewer: Ojisteve | 6/5/09

Of a truth there is nothing in this truth,no respect,no love not even true brothers and friends. because when you look beyond the person beside you, you will wish you never existed. you are no more Lucky but i feel you everywhere and affirm the fact that THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THIS WORLD.

MY GREAT MAN IS NO MORE!!!!! | Reviewer: Stanley O. | 5/18/09

It is very unheard off that a man like Lucky Dube who has shown a legacy was shut dead. What a wicked act! A human right like him who was fighting for the good of all through his albums. Oh!! I pray that the killers will be brought to book and also be killed for illegally removing the life of our dear man Dube. I am going to celebrate his memorial service in Nigeria when the time comes. You are all invited. Stanislaus O. Umuezekom Amatta Ikeduru LGA, Imo State, Nigeria.

I CAN NOT BELIEF HIS DEATH | Reviewer: Siafunda Nickson, Kitwe Zambia | 5/15/09

I became sick when i heard about the death of Dube, i thought it was a joke. South african you must be ashemed of your evil life style. You managed to kill him but failed to kill his music. may God punish his killers. Lucky may your soul rest in peace. Jah guide.

O!!! MY DUBE IS NO MORE | Reviewer: Okechukwu Onugha | 5/11/09

I was shocked when I heard about the ugly news of my man Lucky Dube who cools me down whenever I am annoyed here in Nigeria. It is very unfortunate that today, Dube is no more. I will celebrate his memorial service here in Nigeria no-mater how much it will cost. My man, May your soul rest in perfect peack.

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