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wat an indelible miss! | Reviewer: GONETE | 12/14/13

indeed wat an indelible miss is this! anytime i listen to any of his musics i tend to love him more though he's dead. if i had the power to bring back dead people to life, infact i would have bring him back to ctinue the good works he started. i love him.he is my hero.

Till You Lose It All | Reviewer: Kelvin Osea Valor | 12/17/13

Till U Lose It All Is A Song Which Is Really Meaningful.Some People Neglect What They Have Because They Own Them,but When Will They Know That What They Have Or Had Is Or Was Important?When It's Granted By Other People.So The Song Simply Advise People To Say Thanks For Whatever We Have For Those Who Need It Are Not So Far From Us.Kelvin Osea Valor

His Remembrance | Reviewer: Kelvin Osea Valor | 12/17/13

Yeah My Name Is Kelvin Osea Valor.For My Part Lucky Dube Was More Than A Wise Man,more Than Preacher Infact He Was god Because What He Was Singing Is Still Healing The World Up Today,he Is A Singer Political Leaders Depend On.I Really Miss Words Inorder To Show People How Much Lucky Dube Was Really Appreciated By Me.He Is A Father For Me,when I Listen To His Songs Sometimes I Cry,ask Yourself What Pushes Me To Cry.

A hero to all | Reviewer: Abel matyane | 12/17/13

Lucky dube ws nd still is 1 of my best musicians.He is a hero to all,he ws a souldier,he ws a mentor,he ws a soul provider.he gave inspiration,he gave hope to the hopeless people,he gave motivation so that people can live a better and brighter future.
I salute!!!

lucky dube | Reviewer: emmynwa | 12/8/13

lucky duby is a good guy and he sings with the groly of god
his death in oct 18 2007 was a thob in my flash
i love the guy very well
all the musics he had sang ,it all is about what is happening in the whorld and helping the poor ,
this song changed my life.

Lucky u said no 1 cn stp reggay | Reviewer: Patrick monyela | 12/7/13

Lucky u said no 1 can stop we are waiting 4 reggay no 1 relise reggay.we will alwayz listrng ur track.u were a gift in south 1 wil b the same like u.i lv u lucky.may u plz rest in peace.(until 2dai im crying 4u lucky)

we are just a human created by God he noic d best. | Reviewer: precious wele | 12/6/13

Time has pass but your memory remains in our heart, lucky I do not kw why u hav to go I think God nose d raze why all dis happened. no one gest God, he creat he taks lucky wherever u re now may God grount ur soul, one love.

Shut up | Reviewer: Susan frm Nigeria | 11/26/13

Wat a vaccum created,a mere word cannot xpress all nor tears erase wat has been written,bt God understands.l share in d same sch of thought of great scholar William Shakespears dat," d world is a stage n each man an actor"really so it is.FARE WELL as the Angel leads u home.l miss u so much

Crazy world,number in d book n the other side | Reviewer: Susan frm Akwa Ibom.Nigeria | 11/26/13

I alwaz feel sad weneva l play ur musics,ur unbeatable performance on stage left me wit nothing bt tears anytime l watch ur videos,den l kip on asking myself ds questn 'if me who was ur fan feel ds way wat abt d family u left behind?my questn is will God 4giv d pple who drove u 2 ds early grave?wat a crazy world.may d living God hv compassions on u Lucky Philip Dube

Together us one | Reviewer: Andreck kassim | 11/21/13

Ohh my god why the people was do that to lucky dube what the thing was want to him and why don't say him give that to us is that we are looking for?And come to shoot him without permission and mistake he was do to the world.Ohhh my god am still cry about you dube when am ristening your song ithink like we are together but only god knows.The problem is there is no berrow in the way you it can the want berrow ican be the first to them money you to start again to make onother songs

luckydube | Reviewer: EL BUSH MAKMI | 11/21/13

ohhno wat a painful exit??? Father lucky u kno we really need u but timeless for you...where are you now....the greates preacher ur insperations is in me rightnow (im crying)rest in peace...

house of exhil | Reviewer: pape diallo | 11/21/13

I do like this song because i think about manypeople around the world who fight for peace respect mandela nelson jhon kennedy cunty culen and bob marly peter torsh don carlos marcus gavy

A PERMANENT PAIN IN MY HEART | Reviewer: sekgoka chris(sekororo loss village | 11/16/13

I loved reggae music bcz of u and I felt like it was the end of it,when I heard on the radio in the year 2007 that u r dead,by a way of been hurt me I never had a good year or moment coz I heard those in the 01:00 am I never slept

Your font print | Reviewer: Patrick - nigeria | 11/15/13

Oh wat a wicked indeed. 6 yrs down d line mi pray mi jah kip u in paradise man. U re a souce of inspiration 4 mi man. Indeed mi knw rastas neva die. Mi luv al ur tracks man bt 'GOOD THINGS' n 'LITLE HEROES' more. Though u b dead bt ur music live on man. Til we meet again in jah paradise.

House of Exile | Reviewer: Darheon Angwenyi Joshua | 11/15/13

I love your music dube,am hurt you are gone but i just live with the situation.I wish sometimes you are living,your performance on stage is one thing no artist has ever been able to,prisoner,remember me,the way it them.I feel you are still there.

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