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No truth in the wrold | Reviewer: Israel T Pessima | 2/6/14

inded there is no truth in the wrold.a preacher man in the church preaching something different from the one he does.when the sun goes down he is a witch and a holigan.i am so inspired by this song and i have now got three songs composed in reggae form like lucky dube's own

Lucky Dube You can say sorry a million times. | Reviewer: Jackson Vincent | 1/28/14

You can say sorry a million times, Say "I love you" as much as you want, say whatever you want, whenever you want. But if you're not going to prove that the things you say are true, then don't say anything at all. Because if you can't show it. Your words...don't mean a thing.

Blessed is the one that giveth than the one that taked | Reviewer: Camille from Nigeria | 1/24/14

Luky Dube may the angels of the lord rceived you into that beautiful land call heaven. Luky you were God sent, if everybody is like you the world will be in peace. I have been listening to your songs, they are very educating. RIP

such an insparation | Reviewer: Banele Dyantyi | 1/17/14

Ive been learn a lot from Luckyz music. i never forget, i love his songs message and i would like to see everyone to listeng to the message of his songz. grateful i thank you for your contributions and your impact to our crazy world.

remember Dube | Reviewer: sam ayo | 1/14/14

I cant put in words d kind of grief dat I have. Lucky I recall yo life with bitterness; u're gone 2 soon yet dz is d tym we would need u most! U fortunately yo messages have gone beyond boundaries, generations to generations n I implor3e the whole world 2 emulate u... U r a legacy our minds wont 4get. RIP

Rrisoner | Reviewer: Geno Ragen | 1/9/14

Lucky u really complained to be a prisoner,4 sure you were coz prisoners die miserably as you died. im also a prisoner as an African, the political leaders imprison us-the govments.......... hence will die in peace.

WAKE UP SA | Reviewer: Bryant Chirwa | 1/3/14

Lucky Dube never died in vain but one thing for sure that makes me sad is hw his funeral was handled.See throughout his many musical creation he had appealed for peace among all the prevailing races in South Africa but how other muscians in SA have outdone him as freedom fighters is everybody big question.SA learn to repect your own countrymen for sure you could have accorded him a state funeral but you did not.Shame

Remember me | Reviewer: Duke Effilash | 12/28/13

I Man ar raster. And i know you live were Jah live. I remember you Dube for you speak of a time in your live where we will need you the most but you won't be there. Now i realize that is not about the roses. But you tool me one day that we are living in a crazy world. May you live with Jah. Respect! Respect!! Respect large..

i dont no what to say | Reviewer: Ogbonna Xtian | 12/26/13

There is nothing left to say about you, that have not been said
i weep each and every day i hear your song
the box of memory i created about you is made of diamond
Nobody will and can ever change your message
May your good message take you to heaven
I will remember you for ever
Ever dead but NEVER forgotten.18102007
But am confuse because am going mad for you. why?

Hero indeed! | Reviewer: Ian C.Bande | 12/24/13

Remembering your song"Hero",I noticed that you are the one.You never lied to us for our trust on you.Waking up every morning and wishing your presents,enjoying real freedom...
They didnt respect u 'Trinity',though u played unity,wll take it to Jah.You taught the world before we loose it all again.Its not easy thinking about the children bt we wanna know what love is that we can love them like Romeo did to Juliet.You were a freedom fighter despite the dracula's presents.Anywae soultaker took you away.

wat an indelible miss! | Reviewer: GONETE | 12/14/13

indeed wat an indelible miss is this! anytime i listen to any of his musics i tend to love him more though he's dead. if i had the power to bring back dead people to life, infact i would have bring him back to ctinue the good works he started. i love him.he is my hero.

Till You Lose It All | Reviewer: Kelvin Osea Valor | 12/17/13

Till U Lose It All Is A Song Which Is Really Meaningful.Some People Neglect What They Have Because They Own Them,but When Will They Know That What They Have Or Had Is Or Was Important?When It's Granted By Other People.So The Song Simply Advise People To Say Thanks For Whatever We Have For Those Who Need It Are Not So Far From Us.Kelvin Osea Valor

His Remembrance | Reviewer: Kelvin Osea Valor | 12/17/13

Yeah My Name Is Kelvin Osea Valor.For My Part Lucky Dube Was More Than A Wise Man,more Than Preacher Infact He Was god Because What He Was Singing Is Still Healing The World Up Today,he Is A Singer Political Leaders Depend On.I Really Miss Words Inorder To Show People How Much Lucky Dube Was Really Appreciated By Me.He Is A Father For Me,when I Listen To His Songs Sometimes I Cry,ask Yourself What Pushes Me To Cry.

A hero to all | Reviewer: Abel matyane | 12/17/13

Lucky dube ws nd still is 1 of my best musicians.He is a hero to all,he ws a souldier,he ws a mentor,he ws a soul provider.he gave inspiration,he gave hope to the hopeless people,he gave motivation so that people can live a better and brighter future.
I salute!!!

lucky dube | Reviewer: emmynwa | 12/8/13

lucky duby is a good guy and he sings with the groly of god
his death in oct 18 2007 was a thob in my flash
i love the guy very well
all the musics he had sang ,it all is about what is happening in the whorld and helping the poor ,
this song changed my life.

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