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Performed by Lucky Dube

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Reggae fans around the world miss you | Reviewer: Chembifon Muna | 10/24/13

As a teenager growing up in city of Bamenda , i was introduced at an early age to the music of Lucky Dube...little did i know that years after, i will flirt so much with his music or that his legacy will inspire me so much... Than you, i will forever remember your longtime friend and keyboardist Thuthukani Cele told us...Reggae fans around the world miss you

forgive and compromise | Reviewer: ALAKU-ALLU | 1/19/13

Lucky Dube, you have teach the world great things in life, where you say: you love those who love you, hate you, corse you, etc. but you have no time to worship human kind. that's the only way to keep peace. "respect rest in peace".

Lucky Dube Forever. | Reviewer: Lewis Lialabi | 11/14/12

Lucky Dube

May yo soul rest in internal peace

We shall greatly miss you and praying that we meet in heaven.

Though we hear that Satan had seven voices,if he was there I dont think he was going to reach your standard.

Lucky dube remembered forever | Reviewer: Sela | 12/16/11

Lucky dube you have teach the world well,eventho your killer was not have respect for your killer,eventho they dont have respect for Dube you use to say NOT EVERY BLACK MAN IS YOUR BROTHER AND NOT EVERY WHITE MAN IS YOUR ENEMY...yes lucky you are rite on you sing the song Remember me,dont worry we will always remember in peace perfect peace lucky we keep on crying for peace in the world...

Lucky Dube must be remembered for his inspirational songs. | Reviewer: Smart Atta Frimpong Emmanuel | 12/9/11

Lucy Dube I will say was my role model since infancy because infact his songs realy inspired and multivated me.There is one of his songs that I normaly used to sing for my mom for the most wonderful things she has been doing in my life and that is Hold On .
My friends used to call me Dube because of the way I sing his songs sometimes to their hearing.Infact LUCKY DUBE has helped me with his songs!
---00233243910155 (Ghana)

wonderful people dont last long!!!! | Reviewer: oladele | 10/10/11

what else can i say? Your music has been a valuable possession in my heart and am so addicted to it that I can not do without listening to it everyday. I love the angle from wish you look at things and u have made ya contributions to politics in SA. I love you ganjaless rasta


Families are collapsing,people have no natural affection,quarter are money lovers,three quarters are man eaters and law breakers,world reality has gone.What to revive for is respect,love and unity.By working through those,world will become a better place to live.Long live Dube's thoughts.BY BARAKA SWILLAH-FROM MBEYA-TANZANIA.

The vacuum in me | Reviewer: nformi joan | 5/16/11

the vacuum lucky dube's death has created in me is like that of my late brother nformi ian, who introduced me to lucky dube's rhythms. this gap will never be filled. i am staunch fan of his music and whenever i listen to any of his songs contained in his 21 albums, i always draw a message.
may Dube's soul rest in perfect peace while his assassins await God's final judgement.

respect | Reviewer: tebogo samuel tshakuma | 11/25/09

I am humbled by the song, i feel that some people where sent to this planet to shine the light on us or share the light they posses within them with us. If people in general can really respect others and forget about worhtless egos, the world will be heaven on earth. we won't experience unfairness that is happening in this world, politicians looting their countries, former colonialists looting resources from our continent. children will not go hungry anymore, good education will not only be for the rich, every child in this world will be given a chance he/she deserves. Let's respect God's creation amd his creatures. Rest in peace lucky Dube, i know you are in heaven and you have planted the seed of love and respect, we will continue to grow it. Thanks.

Tebogo Samuel Tshakuma

Due,the great hero | Reviewer: Terrence | 2/21/09

Thanks very much mr lucky.Through ur musics, i have been able to learn many things.U have shown me through ur sounds how to love,care and give respect to everything the almighty Jah created.Truely we ought to love give respect to all as he Jah himself did it to us his creation.May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace.Ilove u

Peace for your soul Mr. Dube | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/09

It wasa with great shock that i received the bad news of your murdering in 2007. But with all my respect i encourage the world over neither to step aside from your music nor to forget your remarks as a musician you used to be in the whole globe. Rest in peace and we respect your soul in HEAVEN.

respect is important | Reviewer: Tensly Sumbe | 7/24/08

thanxs my reggae hero Mr Dube you are doing great teaching with your song "respect" with that song i have learn to respect those who hurt me..let you rest in peace and be with the only almighty living jah.. thanx alot for the song respect.

respect | Reviewer: condry mitileni | 3/17/08

i'll miss the lovely voice of my legend ,but i have learnt a lot from you lucky!!!!!! u taught me that i've to show respect to those who love me ,bless those who curse me,rest in peace,i shall follow you when time comes.

We shall continue Respect.. | Reviewer: Francis k,Uganda | 10/29/07

This is a song, which i think everyone should listen and give respect,to who...but not what...that person he's.Mr dube is not gone forever,we are still with him and we love him.

dube my teacher | Reviewer: kombo | 3/6/07

thanks duber for great job you are doing am happy and ever happy with your music from when i was you the only artsit brought me in to the scene of music there you are dube.I have long story to tell the world about you dube but this is the few.wiyh tour lyrics help me and solved much of my yagga.learned so many thinhs from you.

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