This song is great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

I heard this song on WWE Monday Night Raw and as soon as I heard it i loved it. My favourite sperstar is Jeff Hardy and i think that this song really does desribe him and his high flying, charismatic, enigmatic mind and career

THIS SONG IS AWESOME | Reviewer: Anna Halcin | 11/12/08

I just heard this song yesterday and I LOVED it!!!! This is officially my new favorite song. I listen to it everday on a C.D. I encourage anybody that hasn't heard it to listen to it. And yes, it is kind of emo, but doesn't emo feeling show through every song. It's kind of hard to not write your emotions into songs, so cut them a little slack.

Since when does lyrical depth equal "emo?" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/08

This is my absolute favorite song from the band Lostprophets. And their "newest" album, Liberation Transmission, is actually a very nice transition from their Start Something and Thefakesoundofprogress days. This song, to me, is about the overall outlook on life. What does it really mean, to possess a life in our world? And what makes your life truly precious to you; the accomplishments you make, or the people you happen to know and love?

What I really don't get nowadays is that Lostprophets are starting to dejectedly earn the label of "emo." I just watched a music video of theirs on Youtube - "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja." And as I read all these comments, they pretty much say the same thing; "They're a bunch of gay faggots now." "Too bad they went all EMO." "theyre so commercial now." "hate the sellout crap" "omg they r so emo now i hate it!!!!!!!!!"

WOW. Honestly?

"Emo" originates from hardcore punk, post-hardcore, and indie rock. Emo, in its simplest form, meant "emotional." So basically, in the world nowadays, music can be labeled as "emo" because their lyrics managed to evoke what suffering, confusion and decay that others tend to ignore?

I personally don't think Lostprophets hasn't gone commercial. They've certainly developed. Their music is still very deep and intriguing, and excuted in a very energetic manner. And if the guys in the band wanted to go for a "emo" image, it's their choice. "Rooftops" is amazing. Definitely sticking around for their next album.


Im a HUGE Fan Of WWE And i absolutely love this song now and the band Jeff Hardy and Matt are my two Faves and this song is prefect for jeff it describes how he is the Legend Thriller and how he has a all or nothing personality. That 30 ft Swanton that was like standing on the rooftops and he really was screaming his heart out when he got up top it was so amazing everyone should listen it Is Soo Awesome I LOVE JEFF + MATT HARDY 4 LIFE [=

the truth | Reviewer: Caity | 6/26/08

i loee this song because to me it we all feel like "standing on rooftops everybody scream your heart out" like when life gets bad, we say we tried, but all we have left is just our selfs. so this song helps me think of life, looking from a rooftop

liL hardy | Reviewer: Joanna mae | 2/18/08

I'm Joanna mae i'm your no.1 fans in Phillipines,i love your song because this the song protec me i;m not lying,i relly love love love love love love love love love love love love love your song jeeff and lostprophets.Thanks

Quite amazing | Reviewer: Javier | 2/2/08

Well.... I personaly LOVED that song (Will we make a mark,this time will we always say we tried Standing on the rooftops every body scream your HEART OUT!!!!) it reminds me of how cool Jeff Hardy is!!! Love lostprophets

Lostprophets LOVE YA!!! | Reviewer: Javier | 2/2/08

I totally LOVE that song I learned all the lyrics to it me and my brother can't resist that song so im giving out a thanks to Lostprophets for writing this song ( Who ever hates this song they don't have a heart) LOVE LOSTPROPHETS!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Hardy's Tribute | Reviewer: DeathCroix | 2/2/08

This is the song that blends your mind wif Jeff Hardy's. He will take you thru a ride of his high flying, ariel slamming, risks taking carrier. Enjoy this song, its a must have!

Amazing... | Reviewer: Steve | 12/19/07

As soon as i saw this song being played on an episode of WWE Monday Night RAW i immediately fell in love with it. It is the most addicting song i've heard. I haven't heard anything from Lost Prophets since Last Train Home but this is by far the best song since then. And Just For the record Jeff Hardy is an amazing athlete and deserves to have a song of this magnitude describe him...

Tja2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

I really like this song, it can speak to everyone and the message is actually really importent for the world. If you know anyone, who doe'snt know this song, then play it for them! It's a must for all rock-lovers.

dis lyrics rules | Reviewer: daphne | 11/16/07

this lyrics rules because i saw this on wwe raw the music video was all about the braveness of jeff hardy.lostprophets really rule!!!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

im a drummer in a little rock band in kentucky and this is are favorite song....and its cool coz it gets the crowd(very small)going and since we started playin it we've been gettin more people into this kinda a the song...and lostprophets

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/07

I adore this song. It is a song that you can just jump around and scream at the top of your lungs. It's so much fun. I like to run and this song really gets me going again when I'm starting to slow down... Great song!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/07

love this song to pieces. it sez so much in jst a couple of phrases. it aint right to keep everything inside, jst scream ur heart out! not been listenin to Lostprophets long but this song kicks ass!