On reflection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/13

Well now we know what Ian Watkins has been up to do we change our mind about this song? I loved the song as soon as I heard it which was not till Sept 2010. It was used as a backing track to a DVD for the passing out of 103 Troop of Royal Marine Commandos. My son passed out that day an this song so seemed to fit with guys wanting to make their mark. Ian Watkins has also but is he screaming his heart out now for fun or in painful torment? Their band name and the names of the next tracks on the album 'A Town called Hipocrisy' and 'Good shoes won't save you this time' all seem rather prophetic. We prayed for him this morning. God can forgive because of what Jesus did. I hope Ian can repent. I hope those hurt by him can forgive. There but for the grace of God go all of us.

Fucking Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

When i first heard this song, i was like this is so shit with the starting vocals and all but then i really focused on the lyrics. it's a great inspirational song if you're down or just feel a little lonely or whatever. when i'm upset or had a hard day at work, i turn this song on full volume and just scream my lungs out!!!! yeah yeah, it sounds so corny i know but you gotta do whatever it takes to cheer yourself up. nobody likes a sad person. btw whoever it was that even related this music to emo music is a fucking sad guy because they are nothing alike buddy. do you research!!!!!!

Simply a Miffed Comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/11

Heard this song at the store (yeah, not somewhere like a video game or TV like everyone else, weird), and I had to find out who the artist was.

Lostprophets, huh? Never heard of them. Then again, I don't come across new bands too often anymore, since every FM radio station decided to go all mainstream "Lady Gaga, Rhianna Kanye West, Chris Brown" type repetitive shit where I live (I don't get good reception on the alternative rock stations at this place, MTV, VH1 and MTV2 have all come down with the horrible reality show virus and are too ill to celebrate good music with us anymore, no Serious XM, so I'm getting pushed to AOL radio and all that ipod stuff).

Forgive me if I sound like I'm 100, but it's hard to find decent music in the commerical world these days, not like in 2005 when good rock was spilling out of America by the gallon. I guess that's why so many teens here are turning to European Alternative bands for their fix. Rock, I should say, with 'soul' and a good tune that's commercialized to the point where I hear it at the STORE is pretty rare.

This is a great song and a generous contribution to the mainstreamed rock world. The chorus reminds me of another song I heard some years ago that get's stuck in my head from time to time (can't remember the band). Hope these guys don't disappear in America after this, we NEED decent light-alternative rock, here!

oscar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/10

well... i hear alot of good arguements here. i do think the song was written not for just the money and fame but for a message that can be spread through the mood and feel of the music itself... and for that reason alone this song is one of my favorits. before i start to sound all corny i just want to add that i think that the message was to be free and not contained.

Also A Comment To The " Making Money " Thing-o | Reviewer: Molly Rose | 9/24/10

Yes SOME Bands Do Make Music For Money... But Thats Only When They Sound half assed... This Song sounded pretty good and emotional... and you kind of are right... we don't know them... but it's pretty certain that they didn't do it just for the money... this song sounds like a rebellion... or " live in the moment" song... What i read from these lyrics are " Live your life to the very last moment and have fun in that lifetime.. " Otherwise It Sounds Partially Controversial.

Money... passion... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/10

I'll agree that not all artists make music solely to make money. Many do it because they love music and they want to make others happy. However, if a musician plays in a band, either they want to make money with it, or they have a day job. Someone who makes music their "career" is doing so to make a living. Otherwise they would only charge enough money for their albums to cover the cost of making and distributing them.

People get jobs to make money. They also tend to try to get jobs they enjoy doing. That's life.

great song | Reviewer: kirk | 3/28/10

to the person that said that the point is to make money NO its not the point is to love music and do it for your own pleasure and other peoples alot of bands start to suck as soon as they get a hit, it gets overplayed and the people that love the song before the hit happens it ruins it for them

Amazing | Reviewer: Scott jones | 6/17/09

This band is great and not many people know but there from my home country in Wales in the UK... They seem to sound almost amrican in there songs, which i'm not complaining about they sound great tbf

This song is inspirational. | Reviewer: Alexis michele. | 4/13/09

i believe this song was well written &
very emotional.
i heard this song on guitar hero world tour & i thought
the first time i head it, it was Amazinng.
I truly love this song & listen to it when im down. its quite inspirational and very beautiful.

About this amazing Song | Reviewer: katelyn | 3/4/09

"Will me make Our mark this time will we always say we tried"

What Better lyrics then that? They touched me when an Old friend of Mine sent this song. I have Loved this grp ever since and Have all their albums.

If you ever Just feel like you are down and stuff, Listen to this song, and Scream. Sing as Loud as You want and Feel better.

Trust me, its gotten me through rough times.

You guys are so Hott | Reviewer: Amber Leann Smith | 1/29/09

I love this song its like when you get mad just scream it out who cares who hears it.It may come you down.Emo guys are so hott but you guys are the number 1 emo guys I love you and your song.

You Guys Rock truly I Love you

You're all missing it. | Reviewer: SHUT UP | 1/23/09

THese guys are NOT emo. Anyone who has listened to emo music would know. THey're alternative you twats.

Get your music labels right. Any time a band wants to show some emoton that isn't "GRGRGRGR DERVIL RGGRGR KILL" and doesnt have a 3 chord power riff is labeled emo.

SHUT UP and know what you're talking about.

ANd anyone who complains about them going commercial is stupid. THE POINT IS TO MAKE MONEY YOU TARDS!
They're not going to stay all underground and behind the scenes just fro you to say "OMG THESE GUYS ROKZ! YOU DUN KNOW DEM!"


Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

I first heard this song in the HollywoodHalo "Halo Music Video Hell." Fell in love with it. I was happy to see it appear in the new guitar hero. This song is finally getting the exposure it deserves.

Emo? Commercial? | Reviewer: Fan | 11/30/08

Awesome song no 2 ways about it.

The main reason im commenting is mainly that i was reading that guys comment going on a mad rampage about how they weren't emo or commercial. First of all they are not commercial. No offense to hard core fans but they are not very well known. Anyway back to the 'emo' guy, personally i believe that their image is quite alternative/emo and dudedont read so far into songs. How did u come up with it being a song about our views on life??? Look at the lyrics u idiot. Also for future reference, dont sound attempt to sound smart: it really doesnt work 4 u.

Greatest song eva | Reviewer: Dave Batista | 11/21/08

I heard this song on austar for an add for WWE Smackdown not Raw like the 1st person says. I loved it but could never find it. Until tonite what a great song. It is now complete with the 100% accurate lyrics. Great song