Love it | Reviewer: elizabeth | 8/31/07

i saw it a year ago when i didnt have a computer and now that i have one ei listen to it every day. i really love this song!!!

fab =b | Reviewer: sharnice | 8/17/07

my dad introduced me to lostprophets when i was bout 8, so have listened to their music for jus over 4yrs, and this is a song that i love so much cus u cn get into the lyrics straight away, and cn understand and feel the point that theyr tryna get across even when your headbangin away!

great song!! | Reviewer: sam | 7/17/07

this song is an awesome song & has been my fav. song since i first heard it when it came out!! great lyrics that fit my life totaly, but the problem here with me is that none of my friends know about them, so listen to this song & spread the news about ur opinion, which i hope to be good!!

wow | Reviewer: jessie | 7/16/07

wow that is one of the best songs in the world! the guys out did them selves. if you don't like this song you don't have a heart.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Kaity | 6/21/07

so i deff love Lostporphet there problly one of my fave bands
and i love this song so much its just so great =)

love it | Reviewer: Alessa Gillespie | 6/9/07

i'm new to this alternative rock, punk, emo and the modern rock music (not saying that i'm emo kinda person, but love that kinda music). love the song. in the video that cook looks like Kadaj from final fantasy-advent children. anyways, i just love lostprophets...

Lost Prophets - Rooftops | Reviewer: gnrsoldier | 5/30/07

Kickass song, no questions asked. Im new to Lost Prophets and think they have many great songs. Lost Prophets rock forever!

Belal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

It dunt matter if der changing der style 2 b famous but der not turnin completly emo der tellin ppl til live life n stand up 4 ur rites dey aint tellin dem 2 go kill dem selves so u carnt call em emos in der lyrics dey r tellin da truth teenagers shud scream der hearts out dey shud stand up 4 dem selves n prove a point wen sum1's rong wid no tellin dem wot 2 do it proves dey want teenagers 2 b independent n not 2 b dependent on adults

Love rooftops | Reviewer: Sarah Mack | 5/4/07

I don't particularly like emo stuff, but rooftops describes a feeling that is beautiful, life affirming. Everybody has their moments of intensity. Teenagers are intense because everything is so new. But it doesn't end there. Emos seem to think it does which limits them severely. Life is a journey of intensities, hills and vales, lights and darks, indescribable joy, even moments of terror.

good song | Reviewer: John | 4/13/07

its not the best song ever but its pretty good. i don't really know a lot about the band as people mentioned above. but listen to the song and don't get too wrapped up in the band. you should like music for what it is not for who made it.

kool | Reviewer: alma navarro | 4/8/07

the music video is awesome and kool, it relates to the lyrics alot!!!also ian is really kool!!!

Lianah saysss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/07

Everyone who says they dont like this song are weird :). HAHA!

I proper love it.. :).


Rooftops? | Reviewer: Mrs. Ian Watkins :) | 3/17/07

Lostprophets are awesome.
Lyrics were never Ian's strong point. Some have great meanings, some sounds awesome, but some are lame.
This has bad points.
Mainly the commercialisity (New word?) of it. They have changed to fit with the times.
However, if they change then produce kool stuff like this..
Go Lostprophets!
Not their best song, not the best song off of Liberation Transmission.
But classy stuff.

Keep rocking, Lostprophets :)

''emo'' shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/06

I hate this song. And musically it's terrible, lyrically worse. For ages everyone I knew hated lostphrophets and I thought, Jesus give them the benefit of the doubt you only heard one song. But then they released song after song, and played around with so many images and different sounds, not because they were experimenting but hated and being commercial and trying to be liked. Finally they came along at the right moment and threw themselves into them emo scene, with the most emo bunch of crap I've heard yet (except for hawthorn heights they're even worse) they aren't even teenagers, I hate when bands do that. What I hate most about this song besides the false image, over-repetition, and cliche silly random stupid unemotional lyrics and terrible sound, is this apathy (because emo is) and this whole idea that only certain type of people are ''tormented'' shall we say. If you're into that crap then I'd advice it. Moany commercialism about unimportant crap in the world, that about people who don't dress ''punk/emo'' and get raped by their parents? This song is just a bunch of immature talent-less desperate people moaning. It didn’t' convey anything meaningful or deep. I'd give it a -10/10

standing on the rooftops | Reviewer: jonathan | 11/13/06

this song i heard a few times in school i just love it because i want just to stand on the rooftops and scream my heart out because i have done some stupid stuff in my life and i do regret it so this song says alot for itself you just listen for a little bit and you willl catch up this song means alot but i love it you should love it to