i now why | Reviewer: siana | 11/13/2007

Whjen phill was a young boy say bout 10 him and his mate went to a park and he was by a park and a man duked his best mate unda the water !! and drownend his mate and wen phill done a concert he invited da killer to da concert and put him in the vip area and at da end of it the spot light went onto da killer and told every one wat he had done hahhahaah thats why this sond was wrotee

the blade | Reviewer: rick | 5/4/2007

its one of the greatest songs that i have ever heard..simple lyrics but very strong message.. kip it up phil

badass | Reviewer: Matt Sutor | 4/16/2007

Lostprophets seriously rock out loud but this song is just amazing!

Miss Lauren White | Reviewer: Lauren White | 2/25/2007

I absolutly love this song. Im in the sixth grade and I heard it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. My homeroom teacher is the Ashville high School's basketball coach and he played this somg at a game once. Ever since I have fell in love with this sad song. It almost makes me cry, but I still love it. Im goignt o sing it at the school talent show this year.