Best song ever | Reviewer: Roken | 1/14/12

I first heard Loreena McKennit many years ago as mood music in one of the Highlander movies (the song was Bonny Portmore during the scene on the hill sharoening his sword), and instalntly fell in love with her, so much so that I rented the video just for the end credits to learn who it was.

I tracked the album dowb to being Loreena's "The Visit", and track four on the CD is "The Lady of Shalot". Having heard it it fast became my all time favourite song, and remains so today. Telling Alfred Lord Tennyson's tale about a lovestruck woman trapped away looking down on Camelot day after day, Lorrena's beautiful arrangement and unique voice brings the woman's emotions to life in a way that the original poem never could.

If you only ever listen to one Loreena McKennitt song, make it this one. You will never regret it.