Reviews for Hard Rock Hallelujah Lyrics

Performed by Lordi

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I LUV THIS BAND TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kimmykommyhoo | 5/30/07


HALLELUJAH FOR THE SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

These guys are the greatest. Their sond styles, lyrics, videos, and looks. They are the greatest thing to happen to rock since elvis.

Sucks | Reviewer: Gene | 5/18/07

This band is very cheesy. If this is what europe is all about you can keep it. I keep trying to get into there music because they are coming to the states with ozzfest. But for the life of me I cannot. This band sucks .....

SCARED??????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

This has to be the best song.Ever.My friend likes it too!We're only 11 as well!!!!!Wicked guitars,excellent lyrics and wicked costumes....Yeheh!

omg... | Reviewer: ... | 5/13/07

you guys still like lordi? what are you cavemen? that song is really.. really.. really old, and it's just boring, i admit it i was a lordi fan for a while but now it sucks try metallica or linkin park or something..

THE NEW KISS | Reviewer: Dan Dunn | 5/8/07

YEAH!!! (Though I thought it would come from America) The New KISS has Arrived!!!! Mr.Lordi is God!!! I just wish they had guitar solos...

Amazing | Reviewer: LordiMan | 5/7/07

This is the song that Lordi will go down in history for. With rough riffs, powerful choruses, and Mr. Lordi's dark raspy voice leading the way, the Day of Rockonning has arrived! Lordi, thank you for making a victory for metal, you guys are the best band ever!May the Arockalypse Never End!!

Hail to Lordi!! The Monster Kings of Europe!

i`m just saying "Hard rock hallelujah" | Reviewer: Marcus | 4/27/07

I think lordi is the best band in the world, so every other stars can kick their ases, for exampel madonna is nothing against this!!!!! I`m just saying:com to sweden and make some HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH

hard rock hallelujah | Reviewer: Lynnie | 4/17/07

omg i love this song. my friend told me bout this song and ever since i cannot stop listening to it!! i absolutely loooove it!!

This song is strangley Christian-sounding, no? | Reviewer: Shushles | 4/4/07

I love Lordi. To death. Really, I do. And I am alos a nondenominational Christian. I have noticed that some of the lyrics remind me of the gospels. It's just a hunch, but I think they may be hiding a bit of Christianity in there.

awesome song, nice meanings. | Reviewer: pillar | 4/1/07

you idiots this isnt rock its metal. you all mean METAL is back. kus with bands like BFMV and shadows fall, metal is in full swing.

It was the best song Well done 21/2/2007 | Reviewer: Maria Axiak | 2/22/07

Hi, I am nice to meet you. You had the best song I' ve ever heard. I' m coming from Malta. It doesn't mean that I come from Malta I vote our song I Do but I vote you because I think that your song was the best one. Nice to meet you!!!!
Your truly Maria. Well done, Keep it up!!!!

Flabberghasted!!! | Reviewer: Lewis | 2/9/07

Errrr . . . what was that. I don't quite know what just happened. That was the weirdest song I've ever heard although strangely, it's ok.

rofl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/06

this is a piece of crap... ive been scannng through some of the reviews..
rock returns...
where the fuck have you been?!
this is just dire..
the song is on loops as are the lyrics..
totally unoriginal tbh.
why the hell it was on eurovision shit contest escapes me.

lyrics amazing... | Reviewer: Taner | 7/24/06

lyrics are very amazing as music...
this is the best eurovision song since abba'a and boney m's..
Congrulations Lordi..

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