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greatest | Reviewer: robbie | 2/11/07

i am 13 and i used lloyd's song, die one day, for my music project. he is my favorite artist. someday he could be the greatest. i did not realize he was so young though. he will be here for a long time. someday i hope to go to one of his concerts.

Lloyd Banks | Reviewer: Steven Rodriguez | 2/9/07

come on now Lloyd Banks is one of the best rappers ive ever heard man i dont care what anyone says lloyd banks is the best and hes goin up ~1~


pleasure | Reviewer: keyshia | 10/31/06

lloyd banks is a sexy young man but im not here to find out about that im here to learn more about him

Reply to G-mac's review | Reviewer: Tyreke Larone | 8/2/05

Yo g-mac.. Lloyd aint bad, but no way does he blow away Young buck and fiddy! are you crazy?!?! you must be yo. be easy


Lloyd Banks is mad niggerish | Reviewer: G-Mac | 8/5/04

every song that lloyd banks is in is i like. he blew away 50 and Young buck wit the hunger for more album. hes only gonna get better as more happens around him. Keep it up

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