breathtaking | Reviewer: tracy | 11/23/11

This is one of the most breathtaking powerful songs i know. the lyrics are beautiful and his voice is just mesmerizing. it pulls u in and i just want to be the one wrapping my legs around him. absolutely love it!

Greatest tune ever! | Reviewer: David Beresford | 1/23/10

This song has been dedicated to me by the most wonderful girl in the world! And although I am not with her at the moment, the stars are my eyes which watch over her and keep her safe whilst the suns rays send all the love in my heart to her xxx Love You ma lil angel xxx

dolphins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

I am so fond of like all dolphins so i appreciate what you guys do because i think that they are just so cool and interesting to learn about no matter how long a story but they are so cool to me. Someday when i am older i will have a job that has something to do wtih the dolphin life and the eay of life.

You're stupid if you think the lyrics are not special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

Live and creed are both christian rock bands... It's pretty clear they are referring to the book of revelations in this song and also run to the water... hence the mention of babylon etc.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Ryan | 9/15/07

Such a great song. Very powerful vocals and really just sounds big, if that makes sence. Lyrics are alight, not their best however I am sure it is about doing it on the beach, so I mean what do you really want from them. Overall one of the most powerful songs I have ever heared!

wonderful | Reviewer: katie loves joshie | 9/13/07

it doesnt get much better than this. its one of those you hear once and you will never forget it because its so beautiful and unique

brilliant | Reviewer: kim | 9/5/07

that's what this song is: brilliant !!!!
can't imagine very much better realm creating songs, it's just as great as music can get ...

O. M. G. | Reviewer: Josh | 7/24/07

Fantastic song, I absolutely could not like it more.

Al, you're a madman, the lyrics rock just as hard as the beat.

fav. song | Reviewer: stef | 7/13/07

this is one of the greatest songs ever created ..... its the best song ever...i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

toxic | Reviewer: jeff | 5/17/07

There are no words to explain the feeling you experience from this song, thats how amazing it is